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Comment Mozilla had better gear up... (Score 4, Interesting) 305 305

Mozilla will be facing the Take Back The Web battle with Microsoft once again, though this time it will be a bloated Firefox vs. a newly aggressive Microsoft.

Microsoft has caught the smell of Firefox's current weakness and is exploiting it.

What to watch: will Firefox's marketshare drop to the point where Firefox no longer has any impetus in pushing for, or moving towards, new web standards? A browser's marketshare needs to be over 20% (some say, well over 20%) for the browser to have that amount of gravitas.

Perhaps this default settings quarrel is Microsoft trying to grab a lump of marketshare for Edge, giving Edge a big boost towards that 25% mark and cementing Edge as a replacement for Firefox in setting web standards.

Comment Re:There probably isn't one (Score 1) 154 154

Especially if you are looking to wirelessly transmit 1080i/p reliably. I've tried and wireless was so unreliable (display artifacts and whatnot not present with wired) that I wound up going to the crawlspace and running wires to every device in the house.

Wired whenever possible, wireless only when you have to.

Comment Competition is good (Score 1) 91 91

If Oracle can follow up upon the hype in the PR and actually deliver competition for the Xeon, then the customers in the server market will benefit.

On the other hand, Oracle still has the unquestioned ability to shoot itself in the foot with the predatory pricing models apparently associated with it.

Comment Different approach (Score 1) 75 75

Since nearly everything connected to a network nowadays seems to have some manner of easy-to-exploit vulnerability due to lax security design, maybe it would be easier for the /. editors to publish articles on devices and systems that are secure instead of those that are not.

Comment Re:I found this bit quite funny (Score 1) 255 255

Speed. You can dig through the start menu or tap the first two letters of the program's name.

Presuming that the first two letters correctly identify the program you want to run. And then there are the dead ends when you mistype a letter....


Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 1) 255 255

Microsoft Developed the Browser using WinRT which doesn't exist in Windows 7

So you agree that Microsoft does not have the technical ability to develop the Edge browser to run on Windows 7. It's quite interesting that Microsoft seems to be the only browser developer that has such difficulty with Windows 7.

Comment Re:Will Edge be ported to Windows 7? (Score 3, Insightful) 255 255

Windows 7 fell out of mainstream support January 13, 2015. That means no new features.

It's a shame that Microsoft is unable to develop a browser that is not part of the operating system, as it results in disappointed customers who want to try the new version of the browser app.

Oddly, both Mozilla and Google seem to have the technical wherewithal to develop browsers that are not part of the operating system. I wonder why Microsoft is so incapable of such a technical accomplishment.

Comment Re:i'VE BEEN HATING THE caps lock KEY FOR DECADES (Score 1) 679 679

Just because you don't have a use-case for it, doesn't mean that there are no use-cases for it.

This is not about the existence of use-cases, but the amount of use.

There is a difference.

I do not deny that the CAPS LOCK key is widely used within niche environments.

I also do not advocate eliminating the CAPS LOCK key, merely moving it to a place that is more aligned with the amount of use it gets.

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