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Comment: Sounds like Mr. Torvalds has an opinion. (Score 1) 330

by QuietLagoon (#47926487) Attached to: Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd
An opinion which he expressed.

"I think many of the 'original ideals' of UNIX are these days more of a mindset issue than necessarily reflecting reality of the situation. There's still value in understanding the traditional UNIX "do one thing and do it well" model where many workflows can be done as a pipeline of simple tools each adding their own value, but let's face it, it's not how complex systems really work, and it's not how major applications have been working or been designed for a long time. It's a useful simplification, and it's still true at some level, but I think it's also clear that it doesn't really describe most of reality."

That sure sounds like an opinion to me. I suspect he stated he didn't have an opinion just so he would start a war among his fanbois.

Comment: Re:Get a Radio (Score 1) 40

by QuietLagoon (#47917813) Attached to: Browser To Facilitate Text Browsing In Emergencies

...Any idea how to find out which ones aren't?...

The last two times the power went out for days, I turned on my battery-powered radio and just scanned the dial until I heard a station giving local information.

That seemed to be a rather easy way to find which stations were broadcasting local info. btw, there were four stations that I could receive which abandoned their automated programming to go local.

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