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Comment: Firefox - the new UI is killing marketshare (Score 4, Insightful) 227

by QuietLagoon (#49605667) Attached to: Chrome Passes 25% Market Share, IE and Firefox Slip
Firefox's market share has been dropping ever since the new UI was introduced.

One would think that the Mozilla developers would take their heads out of their collective arse and look at the reality --- the new UI is little more than a Chrome clone, and a poor one at that. If people wanted the new UI, they'd move to the better implementation of it, i.e., Chrome.

Oh wait, they are moving to Chrome....

Comment: Re:They forgot the best feature.... (Score 3, Insightful) 80

by QuietLagoon (#49596257) Attached to: OpenBSD 5.7 Released

BSD is a major commodity ecosystem for end-consumer products. I'd wager that there are more MacBooks and iPods out there running OSX and iOS flavors of BSD than there are Linux ones. They just suck in the server space, though, and that's where Linux cannot at the moment be questioned, let alone defeated.

My FreeBSD servers run just fine, thank-you. I moved those servers from Linux to FreeBSD a number of years ago, and never had the need to look back.

Comment: Money given to the people that screwed up... (Score 3, Insightful) 76

by QuietLagoon (#49592789) Attached to: Once a Forgotten Child, OpenSSL's Future Now Looks Bright
So let's see... from what I've read the OpenSSL project was a mess, poorly managed, with bad code and a very lax attitude towards fixing bugs that were reported.

So how was the problem with OpenSSL solved?

Well, the same people, with their same ideas, who could not run a successful project in the past were given large amounts of money to run the project in the future. The summary for this thread reads more like a self-congratulatory press release from the OpenSSL people, rubbing in our faces that they managed to get money to continue their poor project management.

Comment: "results may vary" (Score 1) 279

by QuietLagoon (#49586547) Attached to: New Study Suggests Flying Is Greener Than Driving
Yes, the results may vary.

Yet the study picked the best of air travel and compared it to the worst of road-based travel.

I wonder how efficient it would be for me to fly from my house to the supermarket (a mile away), or any of the other numerous trips I make via automobile?

Let me see, first I have to drive three miles to the nearest airport. Get in a plane. Take off. Land at the same airport. Then drive four miles to the supermarket.

Yeah, that's more efficient than driving.

Comment: IBM has other problems... (Score 1) 208

by QuietLagoon (#49579809) Attached to: IBM CIO Thinks Agile Development Might Save Company
... like laying off a substantial portion of the workforce while not reducing the amount of projects that need to be completed.

This results in people who had already been working 12 to 14 hour days now having to work extra hours on top of that to cover all the projects.

It's making IBM look like a grossly mismanaged company, grinding its employees down to a bloody nub.

But don't be concerned, there's a Skype channel open on everyone's desktop.

Comment: The Earth has been warming since the Ice Age ended (Score 3, Interesting) 700

by QuietLagoon (#49577067) Attached to: Pope Attacked By Climate Change Skeptics
Of course the Earth has been warming since the last Ice Age, that's why we call it the Ice Age. duh...

However, the rate of warming has increased, with a correlation to the increase of the warming gases.

Is the correlation 100%? No. However, if we wait until the correlation is 100%, then it will be too late to do anything about the problem.

On the other hand, even if global warming were not caused by humans, shouldn't we be trying to mitigate its effects anyway? Should we be planning for the effects of rising sea waters, instead of (as the skeptics want) just do nothing and let the waters rise?

Comment: It's the sports fan mentality taking over (Score 1) 177

by QuietLagoon (#49576495) Attached to: When Enthusiasm For Free Software Turns Ugly
A little competition between and among projects is a good thing that pushes the overall level of the projects higher.

However, when the sports fan "my team is going to crush your team" mentality starts to creep into the competition, things can, and do, turn ugly.

So the question is, how do the project leaders keep that sports fan mentality out of the project, how do the project leaders keep participants focused upon the goals of the project and not on beating out the other projects?

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