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Comment Re:When is Wikipedia going to block hovering edito (Score 1) 143

but I always go elsewhere when I need real information.

I'm curious. Where do you go for real information?

No one place that I can say, "I go here." Google tends to put Wikipedia at or near the top of search results. So I just look further down on the search results, and typically I find a truly authoritative site for the information I need.

Comment Re:When is Wikipedia going to block hovering edito (Score 2) 143

Usually when people come into conflict with the regular editors its because the editor has found genuine fault with the edits....

"usually" but not "always", or even "most of the time", in my experience.

My experiences have nothing to do with the hot-button issues of climate change or other tin-foil-hat "denier" items.

For example, in one instance the summary of a TV episode was wrong. I had just watch the episode on DVD, and I was curious about something in the episode, so one of the items I checked was the Wikipedia article about the episode. Having just finished watching the episode, I noticed a spot where the summary was wrong. I even re-watched that portion of the episode, and the summary was indeed wrong. So I found an online transcript of the episode, checked it to be sure it matched the DVD episode, and then edited the article (with a pointer to the online transcript).

The hovering editor would not let my edit go through (i.e., he reverted my edit) because it did not agree with the version of the summary that he had posted.

When I pointed to the transcript, the editor then said he rejected my edit because I had used an incorrect tense for the verb in one of my sentences. (If he were interested in the accuracy of the article, why didn't he just correct the tense of the verb?)

At that point I realized the hovering editor would reject anything that changed his version of the summary, so I just punted. The whole episode confirmed what I had heard about Wikipedia, and started me on the path to forming the opinion of Wikipedia that I currently hold, i.e., that Wikipedia is entertaining, but don't go there to verify information.

Comment When is Wikipedia going to block hovering editors? (Score 1) 143

You know, those people with nothing else to do in their lives except make sure that a Wikipedia article represents their view, in spite of factual evidence posted to the contrary??

There are still too many tin-foil-hat editors on Wikipedia, making Wikipedia nice, even entertaining, to read, but I always go elsewhere when I need real information.

Comment How often are the addresses re-validated? (Score 4, Insightful) 106

If you publish a list, you then obligate yourself to keep that list up-to-date, not only by adding new addresses, but also by removing old addresses that no longer spam.

Many, many spamming IP addresses are hijacked hosts that are cleaned up eventually. Are you planning to ban those IP addresses permanently?

So I ask the question, how frequently do you plan top re-validate the addresses that are on your list as still spamming?

Comment Spontaneous combustion (Score 1, Interesting) 130

Yeah, I want a pile of those in my basement....

The money I save via the solar panels, I'll probably lose due to the higher fire insurance premiums.

Why lithium batteries keep catching fire

...Lithium batteries are widely used because of their high energy density: in other words, their ability to store a lot of energy in a lightweight, compact form. But they have a tendency to cause expensive machinery to go up in smoke....

Comment What path have we chosen? (Score 3, Interesting) 744

I'm beginning to think that those distributions which have chosen systemd are now beginning to think, what have we done to ourselves?

systemd is on the way to turning a sleek, efficient Linux distribution into one loaded with awesome bloatware.

And it looks like there is no stopping Poettering's ego now that it's been unleashed.

Comment Re:quality engineering (Score 5, Insightful) 744

Poettering is following the philosophy that has created nearly every piece of bloated software that is in existence today: the design is not complete unless there is nothing more than can be added. Bloated software feeds upon the constant influx of new features, regardless of whether those new features are appropriate or not. They are new therefore they are justified.

You know you have achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away.
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Comment From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 4, Interesting) 172

...Horn and his team have managed to achieve a 22% reduction in file size for JPEG images without any notable loss in image quality....

Without any notable loss in image quality.

Hmmm... that does not sound like "bit-exact" to me.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.