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Comment: So Amazon gets an OK certificate from the US (Score 1) 190

But in the short time it took for the US Gov to OK Amazon's plans, Amazon had changed those plans such that the ones submitted were no longer valid. Is that what really happened?

Also, I saw no mention by Amazon about their concern for the safety of the people who will be living under the threat of the Amazon drones falling out of the air. Maybe that is why Amazon is moving so quickly, their concern for safety is not as the level it should be.

Comment: Start when you hire the person... (Score 4, Insightful) 254

Treat the person with respect from the time you hire him.

For example. Be transparent with any equipment lists that document what equipment are in the employee's possession. Share the list at least yearly with the employee so there are no surprises (and the resulting badness) if an employee leaves. There is little else that generates ill feelings than an out of date equipment list for an employee (what do you mean I have to turn in that laptop? I turned it in two years ago. What!?!?! You want me to pay for it? ... etc., etc.).

Provide a great work environment so employees don't want to leave.

Look at what you think concerns you when an employee leaves, and then think about what you should do while the person is an active employee to prevent your concerns from occurring.

Don't solve the problem after it occurs, prevent it from occurring.

Comment: Re:The man in the high castle (Score 1) 175

...During the war the U.S. Bullion Depository continued to operate at Fort Knox, receiving more and more shipments of the country's gold reserves. The Gold Vault was also used to store and to safeguard the English crown jewels and the Magna Carta, along with the gold reserves of several of the countries of occupied Europe. ...

Comment: Replica? (Score 1) 175

...Secret Service wants to spend $8 million to build a detailed replica of the White House in Beltsville, Maryland to aid in training officers and agents to protect the real thing....

Which of the recent Secret Service failings to protect the White House were caused by a lack of a replica to train on? Would the agents have missed the concrete barrier on the way back from a party if they had trained on a replica of the White House? Would the White House usher have turned off the alert box if there were a replica of the White House to train on? etc., etc.

It is looking as if the Secret Service is piling on requests in this time of scrutiny.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein