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Comment: This is so wrong... (Score 1, Insightful) 193

by QuietLagoon (#48911335) Attached to: Why Coding Is Not the New Literacy

... Enthusiasts have been quick to take up the motto: "Coding is the new literacy!" But long-time developer Chris Granger argues that this is not the case: "When we say that coding is the new literacy, we're arguing that wielding a pencil and paper is the old one. Coding, like writing, is a mechanical act. ...

The new literacy?


Coding is a talent or a skill. Beyond that, there is nothing, not a single thing, special about it.

The extreme productivity that some software engineers possess is not due to their literacy in coding. It is due to their ability to look at, understand, and solve problems at a level higher than most.

It is not a question of literacy. It is a question of problem analysis and resolution.

[aside: I often wonder why software engineers constantly have he need to elevate themselves above all others]

Comment: Gioogle is Irresponsible (Score 0, Troll) 551

...Ludwig went on to explain that backporting a patch would be a herculean effort....

Google is acting irresponsibly to the users of the vulnerable devices by refusing to patch the vulnerability in its software. Period.

imo, there is NO excuse why this vulnerability will not be patched. NONE.

Google has the resources to fix the vulnerability, what they are saying is that they do not have the desire to do so.

Comment: Re:Google Plus Defined Itself As a Hazard (Score 2) 209

by QuietLagoon (#48872261) Attached to: Tracking Down How Many (Or How Few) People Actively Use Google+

...The thing shoved in your face ...

That's basically the reason why I never really ramped up my google+ usage.

google was so rude about making me use google+ in areas where I did not want to use it, that I stopped using it altogether.

Now I notice that I cannot even reply to comments left on my youtube.com video channel, even though I am logged into my youtube.com account. I suspect the reason has something to do with the fact that I've all but abandoned my google+ account.

Comment: Re:It will never happen (Score 2) 489

by QuietLagoon (#48850987) Attached to: Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time?

...Does any other popular consumer OS get that level of support?...

The real question is: does any other popular consumer OS need that level of support?

If Microsoft did not mess up the "next version" as much as they have done, there wouldn't be the need to stick with a particular version for so long.

As an alternative case in point, my three Windows PCs tend to stay with a version until that version is no longer supported. While my single Macmini has had the OS upgraded to the newer version a few times, and all at no cost or bad experiences to me.

With the Macmini, the OS upgrade to the next version has been a fairly smooth experience, as opposed to a Windows OS upgrade to the next version which is more of a traumatic experience.

Maybe that is the cause to the need to have long support cycles for Windows OS versions?

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