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by QuietLagoon (#47781157) Attached to: Mozilla Rolls Out Sponsored Tiles To Firefox Nightly's New Tab Page

...What, exactly, do you hate about it?...

For starters, I do not 'hate" software. It's not an emotional thing for me. I look at software as something that helps me do what I need and/or want to do.

To that end, Firefox's Australis is a degradation of Firefox. It has significantly reduced my ability to customize the user interface of Firefox to suit my needs.

Mozilla's attempt to find a "one size fits all operating systems" approach to Firefox has resulted in a significant dumbing down of the user interface.

I do not want Firefox to look the same across all the OS's I use. I want Firefox to exploit each OS to the greatest extent while staying within the conventions of that OS. That's where Mozilla went astray....

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by QuietLagoon (#47777637) Attached to: Mozilla Rolls Out Sponsored Tiles To Firefox Nightly's New Tab Page
While that may work now, I do not expect it to work in the long term. Look what happened to the download window. The first step was to require the user to visit about:config in order to get it back. Then even that workaround was disabled.

Mozilla is in a war with its users, and the users are losing. Firefox's declining marketshare is evidence that the users are losing.

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Mozilla is the only hope left in the browser market. The rest are controlled by mega corps...

I am more concerned about attitude towards users than who controls the browser.

Mozilla,over the past year or so, has shown complete disdain for the desires of its users. And the result of that disdain is a declining marketshare.

How long will it be before Mozilla is little more than a Netscape-like footnote in the history of the web?

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by QuietLagoon (#47757325) Attached to: New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

...Microsoft seems to think they need to release a new OS to stay competitive....

I think it is more that Microsoft thinks they need to release a new OS to keep the revenue flowing towards Redmond. Remember the Microsoft Upgrade Treadmill of yore? That business strategy is so engrained in Microsoft that they do not know any other way of convincing consumers to buy Microsoft products.

Microsoft is still living in the past world where Microsoft controlled computing. First and foremost, Microsoft needs to learn how to compete in the marketplace by convincing consumers that Microsoft products are worth buying.

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... runs windows 8 just fine....

That was not the point of my message. I was not commenting upon how well the hardware runs a bad OS. But I do give you props for the attempted diversion of the topic. (a typical Microsoft astroturfing tactic)

Windows 8[.1] was the point of my message.

If your family loves Windows 8[.1], great.

However, the marketspace has overwhelmingly decided that Windows 8[.1] is junk.

Comment: Unintended consequences, or intended consequences? (Score 1) 298

When there is civil unrest, governments have shown little hesitation to block social media sites.

Why would anyone think that governments would show the least bit of hesitation to brick smartphones under similar circumstances?

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