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Comment: What about the Ogallala Aquifer? (Score 1) 311

by QuietLagoon (#48614199) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought
The Great Plains States on the verge of some significant water problems.

The sprawling Ogallala Aquifer in the Great Plains provides freshwater for roughly one-fifth of the wheat, corn, cattle and cotton in the United States. But key parts of the underwater aquifer are being depleted faster than they can be recharged by rain (see map)....

Comment: Aiding the criminals (Score 1) 249

by QuietLagoon (#48603753) Attached to: Sony Demands Press Destroy Leaked Documents
imo, the news organizations are aiding the criminals by publishing the material. If the news organizations did not publish the materials, then the leverage the criminals have would be less.

While I do not look at Sony's latest threat tactics as beneficial to the situation, I also think the news organizations should stop their feeding frenzy.

Comment: One major bad assupmtion of the article... (Score 1) 563

by QuietLagoon (#48573373) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait
... that I view everything in a full-screen window. I do not.

Indeed, I do take heart to what the article says, as the individual windows on my desktop are taller than they are wide. But If I were to flip my monitor to portrait mode, I'd get less usable screen real estate, not more.

The author of the article seems to use the desktop monitor the way a tablet is used, i.e., a full-screen window for each app. I do not do that on my desktop, I do not want to do that on my desktop.

The author of the article should try using a desktop monitor more efficiently, and stop putting everything in a full screen window. ;)

Comment: Re:I am by no means a fan of Comcast... (Score 1) 291

by QuietLagoon (#48562063) Attached to: Comcast Sued For Turning Home Wi-Fi Routers Into Public Hotspots

...The best claim is based on increased electricity usage. ...

Au contraire... Comcast is usurping location and operational resources of a residence for a business purpose. The best claim is that Comcast should not be doing this without the explicit permission of the property owner.

On a customer by customer basis, there can be an attempt to explain away this theft of resources by saying that the resources used are negligible, and that the homeowner should not complain about such a negligible use of the homeowner's resources.

However, I look at this differently, it is absolutely and completely up to the homeowner what resources the homeowner wishes to share with Comcast.

And what is the cost of this theft when you look at all the installations across the country that Comcast is deploying in private residences? How much money is Comcast saving nationwide because Comcast does not have to establish a nationwide hot spot infrastructure without stealing its customers' resources?

And then there is the aspect that this may be against zoning regulations in some areas, i.e., operating a business operation in a residential neighborhood.

Comment: Re:awww.... (Score 3, Interesting) 717

by QuietLagoon (#48543071) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

...pretty much anyplace with a fulltime HR department will discover your transgressions and gleefully report to the hiring manager that they "gotcha" and are doing a really great job keeping reprobates like us away from their "sanitary" workplace....

My experiences working with a full-time HR department ("HR Team") both as a candidate and as a hiring manager correlates yours, but more generally --- the HR department looks for reasons why a candidate is not suitable for the position. The more reasons the HR department finds for not hiring a candidate, the better the job they consider themselves to be doing.

I've overridden a HR department on more than one occasion because they focused on minutiae instead of qualifications. In those instances, the candidate was hired and became a very good performer. At times I wonder if I would be able to hire anyone if I listened to HR's opinion of the candidates.

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