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Comment: Re: Moan moan moan (Score 2) 152 152

Just because the other browsers have problems it doesn't mean that Firefox doesn't have problems of its own....

It's Mozilla's problems, not Firefox's.

Mozilla has become so full of itself, it's lost in a cul-de-sac of self-importance.

Mozilla needs to grow past the "we know better" phase and start listening to its users again.

Unless and until Mozilla does that, Firefox will continue losing market share to Chrome.

Comment: Re:Oh boy! (Score 2) 152 152

When I tried Chrome, I noticed that it changes the system http proxy settings, instead of just changing the browser's proxy settings. In other words, when I set Chrome to use my privoxy proxy, Chrome then changes the global http proxy for Windows, so that everything else on the PC uses privoxy (which I do not want to happen). Does Chrome still have this behavior?

Comment: Re:They could save space (Score 2) 120 120

.... If they are storing their photos on facebook, they ARE storing them in the cloud....

In a general sense, correct.

However, when I said "cloud-based storage" I meant the cloud service was a storage service, not a social media service. If I had meant facebook, I would have said cloud-based social media service.

Comment: Re:They could save space (Score 5, Interesting) 120 120

They could just delete most of the photos after they age a bit, analyzing it with some of their AI whiz-bang software....

More than a few of my [real world] friends use facebook as their archive for photos, eschewing local or cloud-based storage for their historical family photos. They would be unhappy if facebook were to randomly start deleting photos just because they've been on facebook for a period of time.

Of course, I've told those friends that facebook may not have the same photo-preservation goals as they do, but they seem to be unconcerned.

Comment: Apples and oranges (Score 4, Insightful) 107 107

... it's just a little more than 1% the size of OpenSSL...Notably, s2n does not provide all the additional cryptographic functions that OpenSSL provides in libcrypto, it only provides the SSL/TLS functions....

So then, aren't size comparisons between OpenSSL and s2n at best useless, and at worst intentionally misleading?

Comment: Re:yeah yeah (Score 2) 53 53

and what about the tens of thousands of UPSes, printers, KVMs, IP cameras, thermocouples and other embedded crap all which only responds to SSL v3 ?...

Once the RFC "passes", they are out of standard.

I had to replace my 11-year-old wireless access point because it did only SSL3 and my browsers refused to connect to it in their default configuration. Even though the firmware in the access point is upgradeable, Netgear stopped supporting that unit long ago.

So what about all the devices that are not upgradeable? Well, the first thing is not to expose them to insecure networks....

In practice, failures in system development, like unemployment in Russia, happens a lot despite official propaganda to the contrary. -- Paul Licker