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Comment Re:Oh good, more contention. (Score 1) 34

... Spectrum seems a bit over regulated at the moment, there's barely any room for entities that aren't massive corporations with billions of dollars to do anything....

You conflate 'over regulated' with 'selling to the highest bidder'. The current level of regulation can continue, it just needs to get away from the highest bidder process.

Comment This is my I hard-wire important things (Score 1) 34

All the infrastructure devices in my network (this include the entertainment centers) are all hard-wired. WiFi is just too susceptible to interference beyond my control. I've seen my WiFi speeds vary over a range of 10-to-1 within the period of an hour because of the interference originating beyond my abode.

If the wireless carriers want to continue to suck up public bandwidth, I think they should at least stick to their promises of deploying fiber where they said they would (Verizon, can you hear me now?).

Comment If this part is true, then it's unprofessional (Score 4, Insightful) 765

...What that means is they are privileging the emotional needs of other Linux kernel developers (to release their frustrations on others, to be blunt, rude, or curse to blow off steam) over my own emotional needs (the need to be respected as a person, to not receive verbal or emotional abuse). There’s an awful power dynamic there that favors the established maintainer over basic human decency....

That shows a complete lack of professional respect on the part of those who bully others by demanding the environment be so disrespectful.

In a professional environment, you criticize the work, not the person. Period.

Those who say that such bullying is par for the course are more part of the problem than part of the solution.

Comment When they see their insurances rates skyrocket... (Score 1) 135

...young people "feel that time spent in a car should be time for connecting and sharing experiences with friends."...

When they see their insurance rates skyrocket due to all the accidents they cause, the "young people" surveyed may come to a different conclusion. (and I'm not even going to mention the number of innocent people who are killed due to these distracted drivers. OK, I did mention it.)

Comment With TiVo's push into overlaying ads on content... (Score 1) 83

... it wouldn't surprise me if TiVo sold ad space for the times that the TiVo skips a recorded ad.

From what I've been reading, lately TiVo has been very aggressive in overlaying ads along the bottom portion of the screen when recorded content is being watched. Also, the ads are being placed throughout the TiVo menus and even on the "Discovery Bar". Apparently, with the end of the patent money in sight, TiVo is turning their DVR into yet another screen for the advertisers to use.

Comment Within 100 miles of a border... (Score 3, Insightful) 392

Isn't their some law that gives border agents essentially unlimited rights to search and confiscate (no warrant required) so long as they are within 100 miles of any US border? I remember seeing something like that a few years ago and thought, gee, I wonder how many people live in houses that are within 100 miles of the border....

Comment Re:Bad Summary - Sensationalist (Score 4, Insightful) 216

How long before the problematic "test" updates hit the Windows 10 environment with the forced update "feature". At least with my current Windows 7 environment, I was able to not run Windows Update until I learned of the root problem. With Windows 10, I won't have that option.

Comment As Pres. Obama put it... (Score 1) 38

... the accord is just words at this point. The proof will be in the actions that follow those words.

If you really expect China to stop stealing our commercial secrets,you are living in a fantasy world. China needs to build its technology infrastructure, and it is far easier and quicker to steal it rather than develop it.

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