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Comment Re:Is this really as typical as it seems? (Score 1) 103

...We do not yet know how to make truly secure systems...

While that could be debated from now until doomsday, I'll take a different approach...

We do know how to create systems that are very significantly more secure than the insecure garbage that is currently being sold.

The fact that many (most?) IoT companies don't even meet a minimum level of security is bordering on criminality, imo.

Comment Is this really as typical as it seems? (Score 2) 103

Over the past year or so, I've been seeing far too many of these shoddy security implementations with IoT devices.

Are the developers of such devices really this incompetent?

Are they really so focused on jumping on the IoT revenue bandwagon that they give the actual security of their devices a passing glance, if that?

Some of these security lapses seem to border on criminality...

Comment Re:Look for manufacturing process changes for quie (Score 1) 318

...For what its worth I tend to install auxiliary low-RPM fans that blow directly on passively cooled motherboard chipsets ...

I do the same thing. Sometimes it is not a case of needing more air flowing through the case, but more directed airflow within the case. I then just assure there's enough airflow through the case to keep the internal temperature where I want it.

Comment Re:Be sure they really are cheaper (Score 1) 318

...One thing I've noticed about homebuilt rigs is that they are occasionally louder than normal...

The last PC I built was substantially quieter than anything I could buy commercially. Indeed most of hte home-built quiet PCs now use they same tactics for quiet that I used 15 years ago.

At the time, the toughest component to get a quiet version for was the graphics card. Nearly all the ones I could find had one of those little whiny high-speed cooling fans on the card.

Comment So the paper decides to lead in uncivil discourse? (Score 1) 246

... consistent difficulty with posts that exceed the bounds of civil discourse...

The paper is doing what it accuses others of doing. The retroactive revealing of the authors of anonymous comments clears the bounds of civil discourse in street shoes.

imo, The Montana Standard is violating all manner of rules of Journalism if they go through with this most egregious stunt.

Comment Size and mobility as needed and appropriate (Score 2) 232

... What uses and functions does one giant screen serve that can't be cleverly redistributed to smaller screens?...

The size and mobility of the screen will continue to evolve towards use cases that are both needed and appropriate for the task involved, along with a continuing and increasing lockdown of the media streams so that a tithe can be extracted..

There, I saved you from having to waste time reading TFA as I did.

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