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Comment: Re:" why T-Mobile finds it profitable" (Score 1) 482

by QuesarVII (#46932741) Attached to: Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?
I got talk&text working on mine (also a Samsung S3) flashing it myself, but haven't gotten the data working.

I've found someone that does remote flashing, and am going to have them do it for me. I will have them do it from a VM I set up, and will log all usb traffic, so I might be able to figure out what was done from that.

Comment: Re:Give up the keys (Score 1) 125

by QuesarVII (#46873693) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Intelligently Moving From IT Into Management?

Because he'll NEVER figure out how to get root access with only full sudo!

Apr 29 16:19:45 REALLYSECURESERVER sudo: newguy : TTY=pts/4 ; PWD=/home/newguy ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/bash

Right. Just like nobody will ever figure out what that log message means.

Once you have root, modifying logs is easy.

Comment: I was recently burned by a keyboard layout (Score 1) 459

by QuesarVII (#46002161) Attached to: Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse
Accidentally hit enter instead of backslash on an old keyboard. It had an L shaped enter instead of rectangular. That accident meant deleting all of my logical volumes on a big storage array instead of just the one I was trying to. I was very grateful for the automatic backups Linux LVM makes when you delete volumes as I had not yet made my own backup since adding a couple new logical volumes.

Comment: Re:Maybe this corn can be used for food again? (Score 1) 314

by QuesarVII (#45725117) Attached to: Lawmakers Out To Kill the Corn-Based Ethanol Mandate

No, sunset clauses are easy to deal with; it goes down like this:

Senator Bob: Hey, this law is in sunset phase. Was it a good idea, and do we want to keep it, yea or nay?

Except it ends up not just being a yes/no vote to renew. People end up arguing about what to change, or what to tack on (raises!).

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