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Comment Re:Win 10 (Score 1) 209

This is not true at all. Total memory amount can be whatever. What matters is properly loading memory channels in a balanced way. Depending on how you go wrong, and on what hardware, performance hits can be a LOT worse than 20% too.

To match the example, if you had a dual channel memory controller with 4 slots of RAM (2 DIMMs per channel), (2) 2G DIMMs and (2) 1G DIMMs would give you 6GB of balanced memory, assuming you install it correctly (a 2G and a 1G on each channel, ie 1st slot - 2G, 2nd - 1G, 3rd - 2G, 4th - 1G, but this varies by boards)

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 561

And yet here you are. I'll go out on a limb and guess that you ended up getting that higher education and a well-paying job in the tech sector despite all this.

Actually, no. I never got my higher education, primarily for financial reasons. I have a good tech job though. That is because of all the time and effort I spent on my own to learn all this stuff. All the information I learned from is freely out there - anyone with the motivation can do it themselves. Years ago, only the privileged had access to computers. Now you can get a barebones brand new system for a couple of hundred dollars, or a used system for even less.

If you ask me, it's in poor taste to complain about this issue as a white guy.

If not a white guy, who is supposed to be the one complaining about white guys being excluded from all the special programs?

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 561

the kind of person who thinks there is not any inequality in access to education to begin with

There is definitely inequality in the system, but it goes both ways. As a white male born to middle income parents, I was not eligble for the vast majority of scholarships I seeked. Despite having good grades in honors/AP classes and getting a very high SAT score, I got squat.

Why? It's because so many of the scholarships were specialized to various minority groups and to females. Things like this are why I personally have a problem with education programs targetting specific groups. Equality means equality, or at least it should.

Comment Re:I am not colorblind (Score 2) 267

I've historically had difficulties with colors on the computer, with bright yellow and bright green being well on indistinguishable. (Whch is hell for those computer games where you're matching up yellow items and green items under a time limit.) I also have a hard time telling the difference between black text and red text on projected slides. (Annoying when presenters "highlight" text by changing the color to red.) Those annoyances were actually the reason why I insisted I get a decent color vision test - there was a series of things where I complained that certain colors were indistinguishable, and people around me looked like I grew another head, saying that the difference was patently obvious.

So, yes, it is completely possible to be unaware of being colorblind, even despite having regular eye exams.

The issues you experienced with colors show that being completely unaware seems unlikely. Maybe someone who is very shy and never mentioned their difficulty with certain things might not find out it wasn't "normal" though.

Comment Re:I don't assemble computers. (Score 1) 391

They screwed up by making 8 pin 12V motherboard power connectors and 8 pin 12V PCIe power connectors nearly identical, but with opposite polarity.

You end up with 12V connected straight to ground and vice versa on most of the pins. The connectors do have keyed pins, but it doesn't take too much extra force to plug the wrong one in. I've seen the results from plenty of otherwise bright people frying motherboards, GPUs, and power supplies.

Comment Re:" why T-Mobile finds it profitable" (Score 1) 482

I got talk&text working on mine (also a Samsung S3) flashing it myself, but haven't gotten the data working.

I've found someone that does remote flashing, and am going to have them do it for me. I will have them do it from a VM I set up, and will log all usb traffic, so I might be able to figure out what was done from that.

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