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Comment: Compelling, but a mix still better... (Score 4, Interesting) 253

by SuperKendall (#48189205) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

That is a pretty compelling reason to have most of the crew women.

However I'd argue in a truly remote environment where no external help is to be had, that the raw strength a few very fit males could provide could be useful in an emergency.

Some women can also be very strong, but then would there be any metabolism benefit?

Comment: Floor In Building (Score 1) 75

by SuperKendall (#48188679) Attached to: Barometers In iPhones Mean More Crowdsourcing In Weather Forecasts

One of the things Apple is using the barometer for is to determine what floor you may be in within a building.

It could be that with central heating/cooling in most buildings running almost all the time, perhaps a barometric reading could be constant between floors from day to day, even as weather changed...

Or perhaps just using the change along with accelerometer data to detect shifting between floors.

Comment: Re:What for? (Score 1) 75

by tlhIngan (#48188585) Attached to: Barometers In iPhones Mean More Crowdsourcing In Weather Forecasts

Because pressure can give information on what altitude you are at which enables GPS to find your position faster and more accurately.

Provided it's calibrated to the proper atmospheric pressure where you are. Simple weather changes can easily shift your altitude 100 feet either way making it no more reliable than a GPS fix. Granted, if you can obtain the local sea level pressure where you are, you can beat GPS quite handily. But if you can't, you're pretty much guessing your altitude.

Comment: Re:Bigger fuckup than John Akers (Score 1) 75

by tlhIngan (#48186863) Attached to: IBM Pays GlobalFoundries $1.5 Billion To Shed Its Chip Division

This isn't a software division, it's not even like their server hardware division, it's chipmaking. It's kind of a go-big-or-go-home game where your competitors -- well-funded types like, say, Intel -- can easily pour many billions of dollars into next-generation fabrication processes and equipment which will readily put any half-assed investment to shame. I don't think IBM's chip business has the customer base to make "go big" profitable, or any reasonable plan to acquire new customers, so "go home" makes a lot of sense here.

No, the big reason why is that their big customers are leaving.

IBM supplied chips for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox360. With those consoles being last-gen nowadays, IBM's chipmaking fab is dead.

Apple dumped IBM when IBM couldn't produce enough chips that Apple wanted (it's why AMD will remain a non-starter - Apple's been screwed twice by chipmakers who just could not make what they said they could make - Motorola (twice - 68K and PowerPC) and IBM. Intel's pretty much the only one that has spare capacity. Even Samsung had to build a new fab just for Apple (for their SoCs - who knows about stuff like flash chips and such which Apple buys a ton of).

IBM would've had to spinoff the fabs then, but right around the transition, well, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all stormed in IBM's door. Both the PPUs and Xenon cores are stripped down G5s and initial availability was limited because IBM couldn't make the chips fast enough. It's why there are 3 cores on the Xenon.

But now that everyone's gone AMD, well...

Comment: Re:That's absurd, aim your hate cannon elsewhere. (Score 1) 298

by tlhIngan (#48186783) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

Funny, Apple has this thing called iAd where you pay Apple to place targeted ads

And given the limited reach of iAds over say, Google's AdMob, there is no justifiable business case to use it. AdMob is cheaper, Google is far more accommodating, and you can reach Android, iOS and every other device with AdMob.

iAds is a serious joke - they had to reduce the minimum buy from $1M to $100K. It's probably only there to satisfy "competition" guidelines so Google can have AdMob. (As in, Google is probably by far the largest revenue source for iAds purely meant to keep up the appearance of competition).

No sane person uses iAds. Which explains why the ads are all either for apps (developers get a special deal), or about iAds itself.

Comment: Re: a quick search (Score 1) 281

by tlhIngan (#48186729) Attached to: No More Lee-Enfield: Canada's Rangers To Get a Tech Upgrade

Being a Commonwealth country, we still have lots and lots of WW1 issue rifles, making their use very cost effective. The only reason the Canadian Forces wants to replace it is because nobody has made parts for them in decades, so things like firing pins and trigger springs are becoming scarce.

Canada actually has a pile of them brand-new-in-box as new-old-stock. They bought a pile of them and every new ranger gets a brand new one even though they've not been made in years.

The real problem is well, that stock is diminishing and it's probably a good idea to have a replacement ready before the last one is issued.

Comment: Say what now? (Score 1) 124

However, it is highly relevant that GED holders and/or high school or college graduates with degrees completely unrelated to computer science tend to be better programmers.

Where do you get that from?

I have indeed met a lot of great programmers that did not have CS degrees. But I've met even MORE programmers that were not great or even coming close to it, that did not have CS degrees...

I would say that overall a CS major has a base level of competence above non-CS holders. But I've never seen a study or in decades of practical experience seen anything to back up the claim you are making...

For what it's worth I have both a GED *and* a CS degree.

Comment: Yoesemite Helvetica Neu is tuned for small size (Score 2) 358

by SuperKendall (#48181099) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

Although it can be, also note that the Helvetica Nueu that Apple uses in Yosemite is heavily edited to look OK on LCD displays - just like other screen tuned fonts.

They also were trying to get the average size of sentences between the old and new fonts closers so programmers didn't have as much work to adjust for text changing sizes.

Comment: Re:Tit for tat (Score 3, Insightful) 312

I imagine Beats/Apple isn't too happy with Bose's shenanigans regarding telling NFL players they can't wear their Beats headphones until 90 minutes after the end of the game.

Of course the players do it anyway, and Beats apparently pays the fines for them... but still.

Incidentally, the NFL isn't doing very well with regards to their endorsement deals - first Microsoft, and now Bose.

The problem is you have a conflict of endorsements.

The NFL is being paid directly by Microsoft and Bose to promote their stuff - Microsoft and Bose can put "Official NFL Product" on those things.

The problem is, the teams and players don't really see much of that money because it goes straight into the league. Sure, they may get a few bucks in the way of stadium improvements and such, but you can bet most of that money isn't going into their paycheques.

So the players and teams often have their OWN endorsement deals. This money goes directly to the team and the players themselves. Sure some goes back to the NFL in terms of league fees and whatnot, but it's extra income for the team and player.

So what's a player to do? Be forced to wear Bose which nets them ZERO dollars in the end? Or wear their Beats which nets them millions in extra dollars in their pocket?

It's obvious why the players are defying the rule. And in fact, you have to admit, it's getting a LOT of marketing for Beats as well - I mean, they're being fined, in public, for wearing Beats. With photos. In the news. Now what is better marketing - the player wearing it on the field or a news conference, or having it plastered all over the news with closeups of the offense with news they're being fined for wearing Beats headphones (and barely a Bose mention!).

It's actually kind of brilliant marketing - Bose gets made out to be the bad guy, and Beats gets plastered all over the news section, so much so that the $10,000 fine is well worth it - marketing expense.

List of NFL Finable Offenses, with fines.

Heck, one wonders if they're going to get a bunch of stickers to stick over their Bose headphones with the iconic "b". I mean, it doesn't get more interesting than that - they wear Bose headphones, but they're sporting the "b" that clearly indicates Beats.

Comment: Re:Clueless (Score 1) 312

Do you hear nothing? No, you hear a background roar of muffly rumblings.

Actually, a small (but not insignificant" amount of sound comes from around the ear as well - bone conduction can transfer the lower bass notes to the ear directly (it's why you can't have perfect silence except by being in an anechoic chamber). Of course, your ears when wearing ear defenders does crank up its gain - people in anechoic chambers do report hearing blood rushing through their veins in the ears, their heartbeats, etc. All noise conducted through the body.

It can get pretty freaky.

Comment: Re:Broken link (Score 1) 106

by tlhIngan (#48179317) Attached to: iFixit Tears Apart Apple's Shiny New Retina iMac

I shamefully admit clicking on it at least 10 times and cursing at my browser before realising.

The middle button on my mouse has acted up before, so I was clicking it and nothing was happening. I kept thinking it was the mouse so I clicked it harder, softer, and every which way. Then on a lark, I clicked a link elsewhere and a new tab opened sup, to which I noticed the link wasn't bringing up the destination in the status bar and figured that was the reason why it wasn't middle-clicking.

Comment: Re:What browser apps need.. (Score 1) 186

by tlhIngan (#48179297) Attached to: JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface to not have a backspace ruin everything you just did just because you didn't have the focus you thought you had (Chrome!)

The big problem is the javascript "rich" editors that mess with browser state saving.

Backspace is a non-issue a lot of the time if you're using standard HTML widgets - every browser I've used from IE, Firefox and I think even Chrome save the state so if you accidentally backspace, you can hit Forward and boom, everything is restored. It's useful if you want to multi-quote Slashdot, for example.

But, rich editors break this functionality. I don't know why. Though, most rich editors work enough that backspace won't leave the page (or they use a javascript alert to keep you from blindly doing it), which is good for accidental purposes, but you lose it all when you return.

Quite annoying, really. Especially since the browsers even return text field contents if you close and re-open the tab (using Ctrl-Shift-T to reopen last closed tab, or reopening a tab from the history). Except well, rich editors. They always blank themselves...

Comment: Re:it is perfectly timed (Score 2) 247

by SuperKendall (#48178799) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

My name-brand phone that I've had for ages -- and had Apple users asking me what it was, then telling me they were going to switch to Android -- has the exact same resolution as the iPhone 6 Plus.

And it's performance in every way is significantly less. When they had the smaller res, they lacked the CPU/GPU the modern Apple hardware has now. The modern Android hardware has the better GPU/CPU but the screen res is killing performance. Apple let them dance right over the sweet spot.

My phone looks better, it fits a pocket better, it weighs less, it's waterproof,

So it's smaller? Behind them times already I guess. Otherwise the six is pocketable for anyone.

Waterproof is something I use a case for if I need. I use the phone in the rain briefly without issue as I always have.

Your phone basically sounds like a fish-mash of things not important to anyone anymore (FM radio....)

Literally the only feature from the iPhone 6 Plus that I can find which my phone lacks is the fingerprint sensor,

Which actually works and opens a whole world you'll be left behind with as you listen to... FM radio.

no disabled NFC here

Fully operational and utterly useless.

Oh, and my smart watch is here now, not some vague date in the future

I wouldn't want what you have now either, but at least it probably also supports FM radio!

Apple are late to the party once again,

They are never late, they arrive when they feel they have something worth selling. I as a buyer appreciate not having to tolerate half-baked crap any longer, that was fine when I'm young but like Danny Glover I'm too old for that shit. Including FM radio.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982