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Comment: Re:All this psychological research... (Score 1) 177

by shutdown -p now (#48032133) Attached to: New Research Casts Doubt On the "10,000 Hour Rule" of Expertise

All those conclusions are the ones that you make, not the study. The study just gives you information, it's up to you to decide what to do with it.

So you're basically complaining that the information is harmful because it leads you to make the wrong decisions, by some arbitrary definition of wrong. Well, perhaps your definition of "wrong" is wrong, or perhaps your ability to make decisions is suspect (I'm almost tempted to troll and say that it might be genetic...).

Either way, it's still science, without any kind of scary quotes, and it's doing good insofar as it's increasing our understanding of the world and ourselves. The evil things that may come of us acting on that understanding is a different thing altogether.

Comment: Re:This is the wrong attitude (Score 1) 100

The Executive branch's job is to represent the operations of the State.

Yes - in the interests of the populace.

The notion that only legislative branch represents the citizenry is bullshit. They are all supposed to represent us, just in different aspects (largely to prevent them from colluding).

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by shutdown -p now (#48031903) Attached to: HP Introduces Sub-$100 Windows Tablet

I got to work on a guy's Surface tablet a couple days ago. While it was nice and very fast, every time I had to do something on the desktop, it was like trying to read the fine print on a TV commercial.

Since Win8, Windows has DPI scaling on the desktop that actually works (actually it was mostly working in Win7 already, but 8 and 8.1 polished it further).

Surface, in particular, scales everything to 150% by default, if I remember correctly. The text on mine is about the same size as on the desktop. Of course, this means that not quite as many things fit, so some people manually change the setting back to 100%, making everything tiny, but fitting more onto the screen. That guy whom you know must have done that.

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by shutdown -p now (#48031823) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Windows 8 was unified experience for all devices, so long as by "unified" you meant "behaves like a tablet".

This is an unified experience in a sense of the same app running on all platforms from phone to tablet to desktop, and with some UI notions that are meaningful across all devices working everywhere (e.g. a live tile behaves the same on phone/tablet start screen, or in the desktop start menu), while also recognizing that, no, not every device is a tablet, and so many things have to be tailored to the device in question - such as the return of Start menu, and the ability to run store apps in windows, on the desktop.

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Yes, terseness. Have you heard of this fancy thing called "aliases"? Powershell has quite a few out of the box. For example, "Get-ChildItem" is aliased to... "ls". And "Set-Location" is aliased to "cd". And "Get-Helped" is aliased to "man". And aliases work everywhere, so "man ls" works exactly as you'd expect it to.

On the other hand, when you have no clue of what a particular command might be to do something that you need done, your chances of guessing it in PSh are much higher, because the canonical names are descriptive rather than terse.