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Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 1) 150

Tons of interesting stuff in that link, totally off topic, but details about rewriting win32 kernel with full unicode support as a realtime OS for Windows CE:

I do in fact know a little about Windows CE! from what I remember, it's a much simpler, cleaner design. its Win32 is a rewrite of a subset (for one: Unicode only, no ANSI), and the kernel is a hard realtime microkernel with some cool, unique features: for example, inter-process calls temporarily moved the calling thread to the server process, no roundtrips, no memory copies. this could only work because Windows CE had a single address space shared by all processes. this limited Windows CE to 4 GB of physical memory, but it was a necessity because it had to work on machines without a MMU. the fixed address space also limited Windows CE to 15 processes, don't know why so few (not threads though, you could create as many threads as would fit in memory, and you had 256 priority levels to choose from instead of Windows NT's meager 15)

this was until Windows CE 5. Windows CE 6 is a much more boring kernel, with separate address spaces and drivers running in kernel mode

Comment Re:fast growth (Score 1) 200

Yeah nearly one in five employees works in sales. Probably another one in five works in management in some capacity, and another one in five works in support roles, leaving you with perhaps 200 engineers? That's still a lot of engineers, but at 4 engineers per team that's 50 products or product segments they can focus on.

Comment Re: Summaries, how do they work? (Score 1) 74

If you're using something like CoreOS with systemd, you can spin up the database in a cluster of nodes, and something like fleetctl will spin up the database again on another node if you lose that node. If you write your database container correctly, then it will look for existing db containers in the node cluster and spin itself up as a secondary database, attaching to the primary and allowing you to spin up and down database capacity as needed, sort of your own ec2 system that can adjust itself based on load.

Comment Re: We are returning to the dark ages. (Score 1) 85

We are descending into a dark age. We have a culture of death, where we've replaced reproduction with immigration. This has been true for decades, and is becoming more pronounced with the passage of time. We have too many elderly, and our women are facing ever increasing pressure to choose service over family, creating a spiral effect. We will reach a point where we don't have the numbers to keep the infrastructure going. Our modern technological society relies on myriad resources being available, and as those resources become unavailable, all the knowledge in the world won't matter. Once we're unable to implement our discoveries and designs, people will forget them.

As we became more advanced, our creations became more delicate. The more delicate they are, the quicker archeological evidence of them deteriorates. There is no reason to believe this hasn't happened before.

ISIS are standing in opposition to this pattern, but I doubt they will be effective enough to prevent it. I'd say a dark age is pretty much guaranteed.

Comment Re:Seems Like a Golden Business Opportunity (Score 1) 426

Also, a few little tools that could be run as services to fill their telemetry system with garbage.

Microsoft windows: "OK, how many keystrokes so far today and what are they?" Tool: "45.345^12 keystrokes, all consisting of the letter Q"

Malware that poisons MS systems would be fun too.

Realistically though, a learning firewall that blocked all connections unless they were whitelisted would solve lots of problems. Spyware, adware, ads, stumbling on known rack space providers that host bullshit, all of china and pacific rim, etc.

Comment Re:Summaries, how do they work? (Score 2) 74

Docker is Cloud 2.0 and is the biggest generational/watershed/great leap for IT since VMs.
Even Microsoft offers docker compatibility with their new NanoServer images.
This is The One Way Forward.
There's one guy working on a project called Atom/Atomic/Atome or something, which is basically your app compiled in to an OS container, instead of being built on top of an OS container, but still responding similar to a docker container.
In the mean time there are Linux Distros like RancherOS that let you basically run and build a server installing containers like apps. Your other option at the moment is Dokku which is sort of a Docker implementation of Heroku.
Docker is a Big Fucking Deal in Silicon Valley right now and while everyone is experimenting with Docker containers in 2016, everyone who is Anyone will be deploying their product at least in some channels using Docker in 2017.

Comment Re:last chance to buy quality Sharp products (Score -1, Flamebait) 41

None. Sadly, idiots like that run around screaming about Obama and how O is going to take their guns/rights.
These are the same kind of idiots that back police for killing a kid in the street for being black, but has no issues when a bunch of mental right wing nut jobs take over gov. buildings in a terrorists action, they will back it.

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