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Comment Blizzard Bullies? (Score 1) 198

Note that the date of this patch was forseen and correctly predicted back in May as that is when Sony Online Entertainment announced that EQ2 : Rise of Kunark would be released on November 13th 2007. Does EQ2 pose any threat at all to Blizzard's 900 pound gorilla financial juggernaut? Not a chance. But that doesn't stop their marketing department from delaying content updates by a few months just to make sure that WoW has the biggest 'buzz' the week a competitor launches.

Submission + - First sub-meter resolution images from WV-1 (

Qhue writes: "Digital Globe has published their first panchromatic images from their new World View-1 satellite launched back in September 2007. Images of Houston Texas, Yokahama Japan, and Addis Ababa Ethiopia demonstrate the instrument's ability to gather images from space at double the resolution of its predecessor. Many will recognize Digital Globe from the high resolution images seen on Google Earth and Google Maps. One can only hope that it wont be too terribly long before such gorgeous images start trickling out to the public."

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