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by QRDeNameland (#47439209) Attached to: Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast To Make THC

Provided you don't know that _all_ poppies are opium poppies, then it's legal to buy the seeds and grow the flowers. Of course now that you know ...

GP might not "know" that because it's false.

Only Papaver somniferum are opium poppies. The common red 'Flanders' poppy aka the Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day poppy (Papaver rhoeas) is not an opium poppy, nor are a number of others like the California poppy that are not even of the genus Papaver.


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No, really, it is. Remember when everyone said that butter was bad for you and you had to eat margarine instead? Now it's the other way 'round (or looking to go that way). So - how would you feel about having to pay for all those times you bought real butter all those years?

Oh, even better - let's talk diets! Not like recommendations for those don't ever change from, say, the old four food groups to pyramid to tetrahedron, to... - oh, wait.

No thanks - I prefer to not put my eating habits and health in the hands of some corporate asshats.

My first thought reading this: Is there any actual scientific evidence that the data gathered by a FitBit or similar device is actually indicative of better health? Or is it yet one more assumption in the field of human health that seemed reasonable but turned out to be misguided, as in the cases you mentioned?

My second thought: once you put a financial incentive on wearing such a device, there will now be incentives for people to hack/game the output...e.g., throw your FitBit in a paint can shaker and it looks like you're doing calisthenics when you're really sitting on the couch eating bonbons. (I have no idea if that would work, but you get the picture.)

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I'm guessing, since I've heard this argument before, that s/he's saying that if you're going to drive a car that will be an average of 7 1/2 years old over the time you own it, you might as well buy a used car to start with and avoid the upfront depreciation hit of a new vehicle.

I'm with you, though. My response to the person who made this argument to me was to refer him to George Akerlof's The Market for Lemons, and my sentiment that it's worth it for me to know that the only one to ever abuse my vehicle is me.

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All government services are based on "theft" of resources from people who don't use that government service. This includes the roads that private cars drive on, which are funded in part by gasoline taxes but mostly through non-user-pays revenue streams such as income taxes.

Which "non-users" would those be? Even among those who do not own a motor vehicle, how many of them buy no products or services or otherwise engage in the modern economy; or rely on no public services like fire depts, ambulances, police, post office, all of which are dependent on those roads to function?

Unless you are living a more off-the grid lifestyle than Dick Proenneke, you can not honestly claim to be a "non-user" of the road system.

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Github as a yardstick for language usage tells you nothing beyond what the most popularly used languages for github hosted projects are. Publicly accessible github projects at that.

The other thing that makes such a comparison fairly uninformative is that the vast majority of publicly accessible GitHub repos are surely small hobbyist/academic projects, so the stats are going to skew towards the tools likely to be used by hobbyist/academic developers. And since new languages arise all the time and old languages never die, it's not really very surprising that by the raw number of projects that GitHub would show increasing diversity on that front. If someone pushes a 3 line Brainfuck experiment, then the language diversity has increased, but I don't think that tells you much.

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