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Comment: School is not supposed to be like work (Score 1) 870

by QMO (#33573644) Attached to: Preventing Networked Gizmo Use During Exams?

If class more closely mimicked "real world scenarios":
Exams would be open note, open classmate, open textbook, open internet, etc.
A student that (without permission/notice) skipped five class sessions or came to class drunk would be expelled, possibly with no transcript.
A student could do everything right and still fail an exam because of the performance of a classmate.
Examples done in class would never directly apply to exams.
Lectures would consist of an office politician trying to "sell" a project that would increase his budget, and use inaccurate-but-impractical-to-falsify information to do it.
50% - 90% of class time would be spent on stuff that had little to do with the class title, description or syllabus.
Exams would often be on an entirely different subject with no warning to prepare.
Grades would depend on vague criteria that can always be used to justify any grade the professor chose to give you.

Comment: Re:I hope it catches on (Score 1) 160

by QMO (#30050386) Attached to: Apple's Mini DisplayPort Officially Adopted By VESA

The only reason you actually need an ungainly VGA connector on your laptop is if you either refuse to pay $30 for an adapter, or you expect that you might lose the adapter yet still have your laptop for that super-important presentation.

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+ - Java DST Patch Breaks DST

Submitted by
Christopher_G_Lewis writes: "This is just coming out, but Sun's DST patch "may break backward compatibility for the Eastern, Hawaiian, and Mountain time zones, under certain circumstances." DST: Daylight Saving Time Changes (2007) There's a Sun alert, but only for subscribed members: Sun Alert 102836 for Java. The introduction of Olson Timezone (TZ) data, version 2005r or greater, may break backward compatibility for the Eastern, Hawaiian, and Mountain time zones, under certain circumstances. This issue is also outlined in Sun BugIDs 6466476 and 6530336, listed at: 6466476 6530336"

+ - Linux & Open Source Greener Than Windows

Submitted by
eldavojohn writes: "A recent UK report is saying that Linux is greener than Windows upon deciding that Linux on a server will cause the machine to have a much longer life expectancy (up to twice) than the same machine running a Windows server. This, in turn, reduces the amount of e-waste that results from the operation of the machine. But the report doesn't stop there, it goes on to reason about open source in general: "One of the benefits frequently put forward for the use of open source software is the level of resources needed to support it. This means that for equivalent open source and Microsoft Windows systems, the open source will require less memory and a slower processor speed for the same functionality.""
The Internet

+ - Wikipedia May Require Proof of Credentials

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narramissic writes: "According to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, a new policy is currently under discussion by the community of users who regularly write and maintain Wikipedia that would require contributors to the site who claim certain credentials to prove they really have them. The new policy comes after one of Wikipedia's most prolific and respected editors, who went by the pseudonym 'Essjay,' was found not to be the 'tenured professor of theology' he claimed to be but a run-of-the-mill 24 year-old from Kentucky. Said Wales, 'To discover that someone had been deceiving the community for a long time really was a bit of a blow to our trust. Wikipedia is built on the idea of trusting other people and people being honest and we find that in the most part everyone is, so it was a real disappointment.'"
Data Storage

Building an ODF Intranet Portal? 19

Posted by Cliff
from the how-would-you-do-it dept.
jeevesbond writes "I have been doing some feasibility work on creating a FLOSS Intranet Portal for ODF documents; the first task is to find existing projects that already provide some of the required functionality. The requirements are: version control — including diff and merge capabilities for ODF; integration with OpenOffice for check-in/out as a starting point; a Web-based CMS for group sharing of files (preferably one that can be extended to perform other tasks); and network authentication for the CMS (so users don't have to login twice). The eventual aim is to be able to bundle all this up in some way: 'apt-get odf-portal', for instance. Which FLOSS tools would you use for this job? How would you handle diffs and merges for ODF documents?"
Data Storage

+ - Flash Memory To Replace Apple Hard Drives

Submitted by bbavar
bbavar writes: According to Reuters, Apple could soon "be among the first personal computer makers to use flash memory for storing data in computers, a step that some chip memory makers, including Micron Technology Inc., have said is inevitable as prices for flash decline and storage capacity increases." This could happen as soon as the second half of this year.

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