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Classic Games (Games)

+ - Hidden Palace releases hundreds of SEGA prototypes-> 1 1

Submitted by
QJimbo writes: "The man, simply known as drx, has released a huge archive of prototype games over BitTorrent, allowing us to have a facinating inside into the game development patterns of the 1990s.
'Quick numbers: 155 Sega 32x prototypes, 300 Game Gear prototypes, 464 Mega Drive prototypes, 94 Pico prototypes, 6 Gamecube prototypes — 1024 prototype overall (what a nice round number!), making this the biggest prototype release in history (and probably ever to come). Just multiply this by $100 (which is the average price of these things, and many of them are MUCH more valuable) and you'll see how lucky you are to get them free of charge. There is lots of stuff here — Sonic, Ristar, and many other high-profile, hard-to-find game prototypes which many of us played years back and miss. Many with different features, levels, hidden data.'"

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+ - Blair Calls For Chinese Style Net Controls In UK->

Submitted by QJimbo
QJimbo writes: Outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair has savaged online media today in a speech in which he declared war on the free press by hinting at new restrictions on internet journalism and suggested that the media should be brought more into line with the government.
Blair complained that the media was too "feral" (i.e. not tamed by the government) and referring to online journalism stated:
"In fact, the new forms can be even more pernicious, less balanced, more intent on the latest conspiracy theory multiplied by five."

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Emulation (Games)

+ - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Prototype Uncovered

Submitted by QJimbo
QJimbo writes: drx, owner of a site specializing in dumping lost prototype games has recently uncovered and dumped an early prototype of Sonic 2 for the Genesis/Megadrive. We've already had a Sonic 2 prototype for a while, but this one appears to be from even earlier in the games' development. The cartridge itself cost drx and other sonic fans $1,500 USD to buy from an anonymous collector, and seems to be the version of Sonic 2 shown in the TV show "Nick Arcade" (featured most notably the "Clarissa explains it all" cast episode).

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