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Comment: Re:RAID (Score 2) 552

by QBasicer (#44829587) Attached to: SSD Failure Temporarily Halts Linux 3.12 Kernel Work

I have two Linux machines and two NASes.

The first Linux machine, my laptop, rsyncs itself to the other Linux machine and to a QNAP NAS that's in RAID5.

The second Linux machine (desktop) backs itself up to the QNAP as well.

The DNS323 gets backed up to the QNAP NAS and to the desktop Linux machine

The QNAP nas gets backed up once a quarter to an offsite location.

I figure in my plan, I have enough redundancy and backup that I can recover to most failures.

Comment: Re:Resume? What's that? (Score 1) 280

Yeah, I'm still not sure why hardware designers like to put the brightest blue LED on the face of the earth in every piece of electronics. My external HD could be used to land planes!

Note: I haven't consumed any coffee yet today so I can't vouch on the intelligibility of this post.

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