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Comment Re:this.. (Score 2) 619 619

hey i'm just saying that if my ti 999/4a booted up with advertisements or came with an on call pager that would wake me up in the middle of the night when there was a production down because my basic program from compute! suddenly crashed I might have made a different career choice.

Comment this.. (Score 1) 619 619

when I was in my early teens playing with my ti99/4a I would never have thought that I would have to deal with BS like this( advertising on my computer , programs that block the advertisers, companies pay said programs to advertise on my computer) on my computer. That and a production on call support schedule

Comment reminds me of at&t (Score 2) 643 643

when I worked at at&t I bought the eeepc 701 right when it came out because a small, cheap laptop without a cdrom was exactly what i wanted to carry around. So i got into the elevator with an at&t exec, he looks at the eeepc and with a smirk says "oh that is one of those kids laptops" ... yeah whatever...

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