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Comment: Re:To this, I say, so what? (Score 1) 544

by Pvt_Ryan (#36266996) Attached to: Zuckerberg Only Eating Animals He Personally Kills

So, killing animals for food is 'going off the deep end'? I lived on a farm from ages 5-11. We slaughtered several of our animals for food. That's where the meat comes from after all, or weren't you aware?

Maybe you lived in a city your whole life and got it nicely packaged for you in a supermarket or pre-cooked and now you want to consider people who actually kill the animals as somehow beneath you, or having 'gone off the deep end'? Maybe you should reconsider your food choices if you want to avoid looking like either a blatant classist or a hypocrite.

Pft every true geek knows that meat comes from a replicator which once the food as appeared displays a message "no was harmed in the replicating of this meat".

Meh, who really cares. Good on him I say.

Comment: Re:Benchmarks! (Score 1) 240

by Pvt_Ryan (#36035540) Attached to: Gitbrew Releases OtherOS++ PS3 Linux Dual Boot
Actually I am against DRM but Steam is actually ok. It runs in offline mode so I don't need to be connected, it runs on any number of computers which is again useful for me and I can access my games anywhere. It pains me to say it but steam imho is DRM done right. Don't get me wrong it isn't really effective as DRM as there are cracks out there but it is not (as) intrusive as anything else.

The only thing they could do to be better is bring in a market place to let people sell used games. Valve take a cut of the transaction, user can build credit to buy other games or recover cash. If they did that they would be perfect.

Comment: Re:If you want a cheap laugh.... (Score 1) 240

by Pvt_Ryan (#36033794) Attached to: Gitbrew Releases OtherOS++ PS3 Linux Dual Boot

*leave us real gamers alone*
Console Gamer != Real Gamer

*Use a PC for linux and not the PS3*
Why must I spend £300 for a console for games and £300 for a PC to use? can I not just spend £300 and have both?

In response to someone saying "if hacker's only want homebrew then there is nothing wrong with that" this was posted:
*And can you really trust them with those responsibilities?*
Sadly noone responded to that with "you trusted sony with your credit card details"

+ - Boxee Explains GPL violation->

Submitted by Pvt_Ryan
Pvt_Ryan (1102363) writes "Tom Sella from Boxee, explains the GPL violation allegation.

"Yesterday there was some noise in the open source community that a utility included with a pre-release version of the Boxee Box software is licensed under the GPLv3. The utility, gpgv2, came in a pack of gpg utilities, including libgcrypt, which we use, and was erroneously included – but never used, and we subsequently removed it from the Boxee Box software. We have already put a new internal process in place for adding new F/OSS to Boxee and we are also doing a complete audit of our software to better document the licensing of the open source code we use.""

Link to Original Source

+ - Revised UK Law Could See Critical ISP Services Ban->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Changes made to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers act could lead to ISPs being unable to properly manage traffic on their networks — by outlawing services such as caching proxies, traffic management, and Quality of Service analysis — while allowing companies to snoop on private communications without fear of penalties, claims Privacy International's Alexander Hanff."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Firefox/Linux (Score 1) 492

by Pvt_Ryan (#35441562) Attached to: Safari/MacBook First To Fall At Pwn2Own 2011

Quoting from the link: "..., but you can't go to BestBuy and buy Linux with a specific distro on it that everyone uses that has widespread market share"

I thought you could buy linux PCs off the shelf in one of big American chains (walmart???). Was a low powered eco thingy iirc.

Also as far as I know you can buy linux on laptops from Dell as well.

"Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward" -- William E. Davidsen