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by PvtVoid (#48212797) Attached to: The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll

If she was modestly dressed, no guy would be staring at her tits like that. The only case they would stare is if she was wearing a low cut shirt that DRAWS ATTENTION TO HER TITS (and don't tell me there's any other reason for her to be wearing that). Same as when men go shirtless, before you call me sexist. If you're INVITING ATTENTION, DONT COMPLAIN WHEN YOU GET IT.

Ah, ok. You pick "(b)" then.

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How about this: women (and men) get to wear whatever they like. And men (and women) are allowed to look at each other (in public, not talking about peeping toms here) as much as they like. It's your body, you get to put what you want on it. They're my eyeballs, I get to point them whatever direction I want.

Here's a quiz:

Q: An attractive young woman at your workplace tells you to quit staring at her like that, because it makes her uncomfortable. What is the correct response?

(a) Continue to stare at her tits until she complains to the boss and you get fired.
(b) Sulk back to your cube and post to the internet about how she deserved it because she was dressed like a whore.
(c) Spread rumors that she's been sleeping with one of her clients.
(d) Make a sincere effort to understand her point of view and treat her like a human being instead of a piece of meat.

Only one answer fully qualifies you as a human being instead of an entitled man-child who needs a good slap upside the head.

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Its the feminist definition. They can go around dressed like whores, but if you dare look and make them even the slightest bit uncomfortable, that's harrasment.

And I guess you're the person who gets to decide what's "dressing like a whore" and what isn't, right? Because what the world truly needs is you telling women how they are and are not allowed to dress.

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The definition of harassment, at least where I live, is "unwanted sexual advances", meaning the distinction between flirting and harassment is purely based on subjective experience. Good luck trying to find a girlfriend without "harassing" anyone!

Here's a hint: don't do it at work. Definitely don't do it at work if you are in a position of authority over the recipient.

See? It wasn't that hard, was it?

+ - Chris Kluwe Posts Epic Takedown of #Gamergate->

Submitted by PvtVoid
PvtVoid (1252388) writes "Call it a troll submission if you wish. Fuck that. This is a must-read.

Thus, when I see an article titled “Gamers are dead,” referring to the death of the popular trope of a pasty young man in a dimly lit room, it fills me with joy, because it means WE FUCKING WON. So many people are playing games now that they are popular culture. They are not going away. All sorts of cool things, that I like, are now things that a whole bunch of other people like! There’s enough space now for people to make games that are strange and disturbing and maybe highlight a different perspective of the world, because gaming is no longer a niche activity, it’s something that everybody does. There is room for art in video games. That’s awesome!

You slopebrowed weaseldicks with zero reading comprehension and even less critical thinking skills who think an article claiming “Gamers are dead” is something bad? Fuck me sideways with a sandblaster.

Read on for more that ain't from Bennett."
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Comment: Compelling reasons for an all-woman crew (Score 0) 394

by PvtVoid (#48189435) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

Kate Greene, who wrote the linked article, took part in the first HI-SEAS experiment in Martian-style living, and has some compelling reasons for an all-women crew, energy efficiency chief among them:

Week in and week out, the three female crew members expended less than half the calories of the three male crew members.

Also, they stopped an asked for directions when they got lost.

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Historically university posts were open to people with a BA (e.g. John Wesley and John Newman at Oxford in the 18th and 19th century) That it now takes a PhD and post doctoral work to get the same post means that we are training too many. Therefore the only solution is to row back on the PhDs being generated; given that governments are looking for money saving measures, this would seem an obvious starting point.

That's a really wonderful idea, except that the universities who train those PhDs have a huge financial incentive to crank them out in the highest volume possible. Try saying, "Fromunda Science has too many PhDs and not enough jobs, so we should accept fewer grad students into our PhD program" to a Dean or a Provost. They don't want to hear it.

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If they had to pay their own way, the number of PhD students would drop tremendously and all the postdocs would leave to get jobs in the real world. Problem solved!

... aaaand, watch all the basic science they do dry up and blow away.

It's really easy to type on the internet on your transistor-based computational thing with the flashing blue LEDs and pass judgement on lazy academics who are of no use to society, isn't it?

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losing Debian too was a hard blow, and it's understandable that systemd opponents are feeling a sense of desperation.

Really? You get "a sense of desperation" about a piece of software being different than you would like it to be? And you think this is a normal emotional reaction for a well-adjusted person?

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I'm sick and tired of getting feminism shoved down my throat absolutely everywhere.

You mean just like women are sick and tired of old white men telling them when and how they can access birth control, abortion, child care, and job opportunities? I'm sure they feel really sorry for you.

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