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Comment: Coudlnt each pixel be any color? (Score 1) 368

by PuntaConejo (#4581207) Attached to: New Display Technology to Compete with LCDs?
According to the web site, the red, green, and
blue pixels differ in size of the gap between the two layers, when the pixel is in the non-black, or "on" state. I wonder if, rather than fabricating pixels that pop open to a fixed gap size in the "on" state, instead, the gap size could be "streched" by the bias voltage to control the color in the on state. This way,
any pixel could appear to be any color in the on
state. Not only would this increase the resolution or reduce the number of pixels needed, but it might increase the gamut of the monitor, since any frequency of light could be represented by varying the gap size.

Aside from the difficulties of fabricating a stretchy pixel, another drawback of my suggestion is that it would presumably require a lot more power to hold a gap stretched open, rather than having it be bistable, which they make a big deal about on the website.

On a separate topic, I would guess that for handheld devices, a certain degree of control over the intensity of a pixel could be acheived by flashing the pixel rapidly.

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