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by Punko (#47622673) Attached to: My degree of colorblindness:
Which supports the inclusion in the first option of "that I am aware of". Many folks may be affected by red-green colourblindness, but they may not be aware (if its mild). Also, while there is a general 10% rule including men and women, there are racial and sub-racial variances in there as well. the slashdot population may be higher in males than the general population but it may also be higher in other populations with a lower typical rate.

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by Punko (#47417123) Attached to: A Brain Implant For Synthetic Memory
Except that politicians will apply any new cognitive abilities to suit their prime consideration: reelection. What our politicians are interested in is how to make the "country" better. This is not the same as making the country better for its citizens. The metric for how they make the country better is how can they make the country better for themselves. Does this mean I'm lumping all the politicians together, and painting politicians that really are looking out for the greatest good of their citizens with the same brush? Sadly, yes. But I look forward to the 1% proving me wrong.

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I play stock only. I imagine it is harder, but then the purpose of the game isn't to win, its to achieve. When I assembled my 1050t, 900 part mothership in orbit (13 launches) around Kerbin then flew it to Jool to explore all the moons at the same time using dedicated explorer ships, was it hard and rather tedious to do it without using a single mod or manipulating craft files? Damn right it was, especially when the part count got higher and the framerate dropped. Manual orbital maneuvers and docking can be a bitch at times.

Only ever considered the cosmetic mods, but never downloaded them when I saw the performance hit they all impart.

I just don't see the benefit of adding mods to take away the hard work, when the whole point is the effort. And yes, I only play minecraft on hardcore.

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by Punko (#46360399) Attached to: Quebec Language Police Target Store Owner's Facebook Page
"...people living there in the past."

That's the problem in Quebec. Too many of the Pequists do live in the past. They are trying to hold Quebec back from evolving like the rest of the world. When the premier of Quebec states in public that saying "bonjour, hi" as a greeting in a store with a bilingual clientele is unacceptable (as the entire greeting must be in French, in her mind), she is clearly not functioning in the real world.

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Not a Christian stereotype, a fundamentalist one. I refuse to stereotype as Christian those that use the Christian moniker for such restrictive viewpoints.

I completely agree that most Christians believe in evolution and the use of science to understand the existing universe, regardless of the source of the Universe.

I don't know personally anyone who believe in the literal truth of the various holy books lying around.

As someone placed in the Christian faith not by my choice, it bugs me when folks use "Christian" as a descriptor to mean "I do what I want, how I want, in the name of Christianity". Folks like that have no issue treating certain other folks badly, all in the name of some misguided (my opinion) understanding of certain phrases.

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It has been obvious for a long time, that when it comes to privacy of the person and their rights when in conflict with the demands of the state and defending these rights in court, that the subject of the court case will be a scumball.

Just because he is scum doesn't mean he doesn't have rights. Someone's grandmother up on similar charges, we could all support defending their rights, unfortunately, they are not the ones likely to end up with those charges in the first place.

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I can see how my comments addressed items not in your original post. I will say that I agree that those agencies providing review of trustworthiness of a product, must themselves, be open to inspection. If I need to trust person B to review device X to inform me as to whether I should trust that device, I need satisfaction that B can be trusted. From this position, both aspects of trust are the same. However, I will maintain that no enough is done in our marketplace (primarily due to governments not wanting to limit their own reach) to ensure the security of our private communications. The telecom and data industries are only limiting themselves to what is required by law. There is no advantage to them to provide better security, and I have no doubt, that there is considerable pressure not to. Here, the market does not provide the device, service, or product I desire; either limited by legislation or by actions from state agencies.

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I cannot agree on this. There is no double standard here, only different standards applied to different concepts. When I produce a product for public consumption where that device facilitates a protected right, the device should be tested for its ability to be trusted. i.e. source code public and/or peer reviewed. My personal communication is protected. The software for my device to facilitate that communication should be trusted, and the only way to ensure that trust is to have its functionality peer reviewed.

There are different standards here, because there are different rights at stake, and they have different values.

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