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Comment: Democratic coalition (Score 1) 606

by ProfBooty (#49730333) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

The funny thing is that the groups that actually make up the democratic coalition are opposed to one another. Should the GOP go to demographic ill-relevance, the Democratic party will likely splinter.

For example:

Hispanics and blacks are at odds with one another for jobs and public resources. Hispanics have pushed blacks out of some of their historical neighborhoods.
Women's rights are at odds with muslim beliefs.
Asian's are at odds with other non-white demographics over AA admissions and democratic economic policies run counter to asian entrepreneurs.
Gay rights are at odds with hispanic and black religious beliefs.

The Republican party has the perception of being the party of white people, largely because they are indifferent to minorities, not because they advocate for whites. Its not like they are going to embrace being the white party because they are afraid of being called racists. A clever Republican politician could play those democratic groups against one another, but would probably take a lot of heat for doing so.

Comment: Re:You are not likely to make the cut to top 1% (Score 1) 227

Why don't people invest more? Chinese peasants traditionally saved 50% of their income until consumerism took over in recent years,

Why don't people fix their own stuff (or pay more for higher quality that lasts longer)? Changing brake pads, various filters and fluids or oil on a car is not hard and requires less than a $100 investment in tools, even on cars with all sorts of fancy computers and sensors. Same is true for plumbing and electrical repairs on a house.

Why do people pay for cable, cell phone packages, large trucks and other stuff they don't need?

The average american home has increased more than 25% since the 50's. People have more cars and toys and eat out far more often than they did back then.

If you went back to a 1950's like lifestyle but on a 2015 income, you would be able to save a lot more money via frugality.

Comment: Re:You are not likely to make the cut to top 1% (Score 1) 227

He works by choice as I recall as his expenses are around 25k a year and he has more than 25k a year in investment income.

Either way, it does not negate the fact that by living under your means you can enter the 1% if you have an professional level income.

Comment: Re:You are not likely to make the cut to top 1% (Score 1) 227

The stats on wealth don't bear that out, let alone people following the advice of Mr. Money Mustache.

If you work in software design or are a professional of any kind and don't get caught up in consumerism, its not that hard to get in the top 1% of wealth in the USA thanks to the magic of compounding. That 1% is either 1.5 million (according to the IRS) or ~9million according to most other sources.

Comment: Re:Who wears a watch these days (Score 1) 290

I kept forgetting my cell phone so I decided to stop wearing a wrist watch and started to use the phone to keep track of time. Between chencking the time, receiving e-mails, SMS'es and phone calls, browsing the net, playing games or reading e-books when I'm bored it's been years since I left the house without me noticing I had forgotten the damn cellphone within a few minutes.

If your smartwatch has a feature that makes it beep when it's too far from your phone, you will never forget it again and you can resume wearing a watch.

Comment: Re:Cloud but hear me (Score 4, Insightful) 446

Agreed. I use an alternative to all this: all my data is backed up on a small eeePC in my attic and send sent to a friend of mine through SSH. I have 1TB of data storage at his place, and I offer in return 1TB of data storage in my place for him to do the same.

Sensitive stuff is encrypted so I don't care if he can see all my files. The bulk of it is pictures/personal movies in terms of size. encfs works wonders for low sensitive data, the rest can go through TrueCrypt/keepass2 encryption or even PGP.

And it costs me zero (minus the 1TB I have reserved for him).

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