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Comment Re:Forbes blocks browsers... and... this is absurd (Score 1) 330

In reality though, most of the planet is inhospitable, except for a small portion of Africa where we evolved, and even that is no cakewalk. As physicist David Deutsch says, you could drop most of us into the environment where we live, with no advances to keep us alive, like clothes, fire, houses and iPhones, and even most friendly climates like the Southeast US where I live would kill me during winter. We rely on a lot of knowledge-based technology to keep us alive here on Earth. I don't know that it would be much different to keep us alive on Mars or some other planet. We would just grow used to those technologies as "normal."

Comment landing location (Score 2) 114

I'm a bit confused. I thought the reason for the barge was because it was pretty far downrange. If they are launching from the Cape and then landing the first stage there too, won't that be a pretty massive turnaround for the first stage? Of course maybe that's why they are going with the "full power" mode. My understanding is that eventually they plan to launch from Texas and land the first stage at the Cape. Is this still what they are saying?

Comment Re:i know i wasn't supposed to read TFA, but... (Score 4, Insightful) 131

Sounds great! Are you going to come to my school district and help me teach the teachers and kids to do all of that? Are you going to help my network guys keep a network secure in which every kid is given the freedom tinker and hack into everything? Are you going to do all that work for free? Are you bringing friends? Look, I agree that we need more computer literate individuals, but we don't have that now and we don't have the money to do it. I would rather be able to give kids a cheap device they can use to do lots of cool, creative things and access a pretty good variety of materials on a network that stays safe and doesn't crash all the time. As the poster above said. Google and all the others need to improve their privacy, but for now, it's a trade off we in education have to live with.

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