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Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 434

So Google NISVS: An Overview of 2010 Findings on Victimization by Sexual Orientation. It states that Lifetime prevalence of rape, physical violence, and/or stalkin by an intimate partner for women is 44% is lesbian relationships, 61% in bisexual, and 35% in heterosexual.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 434

I had replied to comment that someone had linked to it on Reddit, but Im on a work PC and reddit is blocked. Thank god they leave /. open.

What I find really funny is that I'm pretty hardcore anti-SJW (with the recent GamerGate happenings) even though I would have been considered one until recently. I did work with the GSA when time would permit (new job doesn't allow me to), and I had started two GSA chapters at my old HS, and was active at the one at my community college. Of course, when a group of people start calling you a "Cisgender, heteronormative, misogynistic white man of privilege" for no reason other than who you associate with, you start to get a bad taste in your mouth.

Ill post the study when I can find it, it was quite the interesting read. I had no idea it was a problem.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 434

Im going to reply to you again, but man, I wish I could find the study that shows that queer women in particular are actually more likely to be the victims of rape by another queer women (stat was something like 1 in 3, vs. 1 in 5 for male raping females)

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 434

Really? And that must be why there are more battered husbands shelters than battered wives shelters ... oh wait ...

Yeah, because when a woman beats a man, the guy gets told to "Man the fuck up." I had an run with a physically abusive woman. The one time she called the cops on me for "beating her up" (read: restraining her from harming me any further), the cops showed up, saw she didn't have a single mark on her and I was covered in blood. They STILL treated me like I was the abuser in the situation when they showed up.

Comment: Re:As big a success as the Kin (Score 1) 126

by Pubstar (#49766717) Attached to: Microsoft Reportedly May Acquire BlackBerry
You know, if they made a 4G LTE Sidekick, I'd buy it in a heart beat. I miss my old Sidekick from the day of feature phones and crappy 3G service.

Or I'd settle for a regular high end smart phone with a god damn keyboard. I love swype but I really preferred typing on a slide out keyboard... and not one that felt odd by only having a protruding end on one side (HTC G1).

Comment: Re:Is anyone else bothered? (Score 1) 95

by Pubstar (#49762175) Attached to: Grand Theft Auto V Keeps Raking In Money
Because it looks cool when shit blows up, and I don't just beat up the hookers. Anyone who is out there really. I have to level up my strength stat somehow.

On a more serious note, its just a way to have dumb fun. Sometimes that's what someone wants. I go to school for 12 credits a semester while working a 40+ hour/week job working Hell Desk. Most of the people I play GTAV with are also full time students with jobs. We just want to unwind and enjoy something less mature than we have to be all day long. I know that we don't represent everyone, but I just wanted to provide a contrast to this.

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