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Comment: Re:They brought back Clippy (Score 1) 174 174

@AC 12:27AM -- "Clippy, is that you?" 1995 called - they want their stale jokes back.

... I see your trying to write a "19xx called" joke, would you like me to:

1) autocomplete "... they want their [x] back"

2) finalize with "... and get off my lawn"

3) go away?

Comment: Re:Terminate contract instead? (Score 1) 309 309

I can't remember who did it.... but someone did... maybe mega upload before they got scr#@%d. They set up a page stating that they had never recieved a gagged request (for any user), and that when they did they would remove that page. This was so as not to "tip off" a target of the order, but if you wanted to you could check if anyone (but no one in particular) on the service was under survalience.

Comment: Re:Potentially you can also: (Score 1) 180 180

- burn your fingers


- trip on the power cord


- drop the printer on your big toe

not yet, but it has been half way off the table and just about ready too... If it did I'd be more woried about the printer: I can print a replacement foot with my printer, but no matter how much I try my foot refuses to make me even the simplest printing press.

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