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Comment: Why not? (Score 3, Insightful) 726

by Pteraspidomorphi (#35120372) Attached to: New Mexico Bill To Protect Anti-Science Education

I'm going to be downmodded to death, but isn't science about keeping an open mind? Here in my country school curricula are rigid, limited and biased government mandated crap. As long as the teacher doesn't lie/make things up, teaching the kids to question everything and see both sides of an issue will only do them good. The intelligent ones will eventually make their own decision about who's right or wrong, and the stupid ones will believe what they'll believe anyway...

Comment: Re:Hosting customers are running away to europe (Score 1) 115

by Pteraspidomorphi (#34619726) Attached to: FBI Defend Raids On Texas Datacenter

I've been hosting in europe longer than that, but since the beginning of this year I've been hosting with Serverloft, a german company (they also have a datacenter in the U.S.). Their european website is . Their current datacenter located in Strasbourg, France is . Their mainstream hosting sister company is and their managed hosting sister company is .
One thing to be careful with, though - Their advertised "limited stock - 3 to 5 days delivery" isn't quite true right now, at least in europe. I've been waiting for my latest order for two weeks - They said something about delivery problems. Maybe it's the weather, I hear it's been pretty bad up north.

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