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Comment: Re:Passwords (Score 1) 243 243

Nothing can EVER be repeated

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by this. But if you mean that you cannot use a password that you've used in the past then I have a problem with this... having something jump out and say "you can't reuse this password" actually gives something away: that you've used the password! Maybe you've also used that password on other sites so by saying "you've used this, you can't use it again" is actually, imo, bad for security.

If you mean that you cannot use a character in the password that you've already used then this is also bad for security... it allows an attacker to know that characters cannot be repeated and this, therefore, weakens randomness.

Comment: Re:Safari? No. Try the default Android browser. (Score 2) 310 310

He didn't say the Android Browser, he said the default Android browser.
In newer versions of Android, you don't get the old Android stock browser. It was the default in the past, but hasn't been so for a long time now, and isn't even available unless you run hacks to install it and its dependencies.

Comment: What the fuck? (Score 4, Insightful) 123 123

Absolve Verizon of customer service responsibility? How about just telling them that they failed and allow other ISPs compete -- perhaps with subsidies? Why absolve Verizon of anything at all? I don't understand that in the slightest. It's like rewarding them for failure.

Comment: Re:Already covered over at Hacker News (Score 2) 310 310

You and I must have read a different Hacker News thread because the opinions seemed pretty divided in both directions.

That is consistent with trying to balance a needle on its tip.

But Betteridge's Law of Headlines has already answered the question.
The problem is in the very premise. Safari never had anything remotely similar to IEs marketshare. Nor the corporate glue. It's silly to even try to compare what happes with the two over time.
IE was a major enabler and roadblock. Safari was never significant enough to even stub your toe on.


Is Safari the New Internet Explorer? 310 310

An anonymous reader writes: Software developer Nolan Lawson says Apple's Safari has taken the place of Microsoft's Internet Explorer as the major browser that lags behind all the others. This comes shortly after the Edge Conference, where major players in web technologies got together to discuss the state of the industry and what's ahead. Lawson says Mozilla, Google, Opera, and Microsoft were all in attendance and willing to talk — but not Apple.

"It's hard to get insight into why Apple is behaving this way. They never send anyone to web conferences, their Surfin' Safari blog is a shadow of its former self, and nobody knows what the next version of Safari will contain until that year's WWDC. In a sense, Apple is like Santa Claus, descending yearly to give us some much-anticipated presents, with no forewarning about which of our wishes he'll grant this year. And frankly, the presents have been getting smaller and smaller lately."

He argues, "At this point, we in the web community need to come to terms with the fact that Safari has become the new IE. Microsoft is repentant these days, Google is pushing the web as far as it can go, and Mozilla is still being Mozilla. Apple is really the one singer in that barbershop quartet hitting all the sour notes, and it's time we start talking about it openly instead of tiptoeing around it like we're going to hurt somebody's feelings."

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