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Comment Re:Questions... (Score 4, Insightful) 135

Is that a roundabout way of saying that some complete and utter moron has been feeding the antibiotic of last resort to pigs in order to boost his profit margins and the resulting resistant bacteria are now spreading to humans? I could be wrong about that of course since I am not a bacteriologist, so for what other reason would polymyxins resistance be widespread in Chinese pigs and now spreading to humans?

Essentially, yes.

China is one of the world's largest users and producers of colistin for agriculture and veterinary use.

(Source: TFA)

Comment Stop Overreacting! (Score 1) 410

The US is the supreme country and if they bombed a hospital full of innocent people then you can be sure that there was a damn good reason. I suspect that there was probably a secret rocket base, terrorist enclave, or laboratory developing weapons of mass destruction secreted within the hospital. It's well known that terrorists use hospitals and other public places full of defenceless and innocents to deter retaliation by supremacist governments. That's why they build hospitals in those countries: to hide terrorists. It's quite obvious and they need to be eliminated whatever the cost.

The death and torture camps run by the US, which are full of Jews... err, Muslims, extract vital intel from these extremists and undesirables every single day. Do people really suggest that this intel should be ignored? The only obvious course of action is to destroy more civilian targets (which are, after all, probably full of Muslims anyway so no harm is really done). Peace and the oppression of terrorism is the highest priority so these costs are acceptable.

Wait... this is starting to sound a whole lot like another story I've read in my history books :(

Comment Re:Wait a day or two before passing judgment (Score 1) 410

Following your logic, there may be Taliban command centres in Afghanistan; and therefore it's ok to nuke the entire country.

Yes, I can see you have your finger on the pulse!

Would the better response not have been to send in a crack team of top US otters (or are they called seals? I always get confused) to eliminate the alleged command centre thus reducing off-target damage? You're saying that just bombing the shit out of a whole neighbourhood is better? I think you need to go masturbate and fire forth semen across your sacred flag again. Idiot.

Comment I'm perfectely happy with Windows 7 (Score 1) 288

As far as Windows goes I am happy to tolerate it for the games that I play that do not have a Linux port yet. So there is no way in hell I am upgrading to 8 or 10.

Using this:

I am fairly confident that those fuckers can't force something onto me I don't want (especially since I compiled it with TDM-gcc

C:\Users\Pyshcotria\Code> checkversion.exe

Seems fine

Comment I am a career consultant (Score 1) 158

I do this for a living, but I will give you some free advice just this once.

Given your summary, the only thing relevant is probably this:

[...] a large IT department with almost no skills in the technologies on site. [...]

As an experienced career consultant with many years experience I can read between the lines and glean information that every other person who has replied to this thread seems to have missed. Essentially it boils down to this: every single employee in that large IT department started out in your job. Lots of people in your position didn't make it into the IT department because they didn't realise this.

Basically what you have to do is entrench yourself in the corporate culture (lots of parties, arrive at work drunk, do drugs, that sort of stuff) until you're accepted as a functional part of the IT department. Once you are, and at this point you're still in charge, place an advertisement for your replacement. Hire the second (never the first) person who applies for the job, making sure that you have a 35-year contract in place to ensure your continued employment as a support person with no performance reviews and a guaranteed 25% increase in salary per year. Make sure that the new person in the job signs this contract as well as all upper management and the board of directors. Once that is done, play Freecell and become the world champion.

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