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Red Hat Software

+ - Fedora 9 released

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Psychor writes "The latest version of Fedora Linux (9.0) was released today, and the torrent is available for download. It's one of the first major distributions to include KDE 4 (for the KDE spin) and also ships with Firefox 3 (beta 5).

The release also features some other major improvements such as ext4 support, partition resizing in the Anaconda installer, PackageKit (replacing Pirut) and "One Second X"."
PC Games (Games)

+ - Dell releases World of Warcraft laptop

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Psychor writes "Dell has released a high specification new laptop complete with World of Warcraft branding (Horde and Alliance versions available). With a starting price of $4,499 it's not cheap, but does feature SLI graphics and AGEIA PhysX technology (a laptop first). RAID and solid state storage are also options.

Interestingly it also comes with a voucher for a FigurePrint, a unique statue of your in-game character complete with their current gear using 3D prototyping technology. How do Slashdotters feel about these new products? Do they represent a marketing department gone mad, or would you like to see this kind of merchandise available based on other games/media."

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