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+ - Copyright Consultation in Canada Continues->

Submitted by PsychoKiller
PsychoKiller (20824) writes "Transcripts of the Copyright Consultation in Vancouver are online.

Bill Henderson, Songwriters Association of Canada says: "Anyone who seriously looks at what's going on cannot believe that it can be stopped because it's just not possible. By the very nature of the internet, according to a study that we actually had done on the technical aspects of the internet, you'd have to rebuild the internet to change that. So file sharing has become a reality for us and we don't see it as a bad thing.""

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+ - Hans Reiser pleads not guilty

Submitted by PsychoKiller
PsychoKiller (20824) writes "Hans Reiser has pleaded not guilty. From the SFGate website: In an unusual move, the computer programmer invoked his right to have a preliminary hearing within 10 days. Judge Trina Thompson Stanley scheduled the hearing for Dec. 11, after which Judge Julie Conger will decide whether there is enough evidence to hold Reiser over for trial."

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