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Comment: Re:Just turn off the car? (Score 1) 911

by PsychoKiller (#39677417) Attached to: Mandatory Brake-Override Proposed For All Cars

For a properly maintained car, yes. This is part of the safety inspection for autocrossing, if there are power brakes they are pumped a couple of times when the car off to make sure it still works. I don't have a ton of autocrossing experience but I've never seen a car fail inspection for that reason.

Comment: Re:"just put it in Neutral" (Score 1) 911

by PsychoKiller (#39677345) Attached to: Mandatory Brake-Override Proposed For All Cars

I don't know how the gear selector works on your specific model, but every automatic transmission I have driven allows you to go from 1->2->D->N without pressing the button on the selector. That way you can slam your hand into it and it will stop in N rather than going into R.

Practicing this was part of my driver training in Canada.

Comment: Re:and we should also... (Score 1) 515

by PsychoKiller (#34642202) Attached to: Recording the Police

Vancouver has its pros and cons. It all depends on what your lifestyle is. It's been called the No Fun City due to archaic liquor laws, restaurant/bar hours, and other things. Not a big deal to me personally.

Check out the threads on http://www.reddit.com/r/vancouver, there are a ton about people asking to move there. Recommendations about neighbourhoods, etc. Check out http://www.bctechnology.com/ if you are looking for a job in high tech.

I wouldn't be concerned about having to hide the fact that you are an American citizen, this city is full of immigrants and we generally get along quite well.

Be prepared to be shocked by real estate prices. They are insane around here. http://www.mls.ca/ has Canada wide listings.


+ - Copyright Consultation in Canada Continues->

Submitted by PsychoKiller
PsychoKiller (20824) writes "Transcripts of the Copyright Consultation in Vancouver are online.

Bill Henderson, Songwriters Association of Canada says: "Anyone who seriously looks at what's going on cannot believe that it can be stopped because it's just not possible. By the very nature of the internet, according to a study that we actually had done on the technical aspects of the internet, you'd have to rebuild the internet to change that. So file sharing has become a reality for us and we don't see it as a bad thing.""

Link to Original Source

+ - Wii Smashes Aussie Sales Record, Retailers Respond

Submitted by
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "Gameworld Network are reporting that the Wii sold through 32,901 consoles in the first four days on sale in Australia, and almost 50,000 games. This represents the most successful console launch ever in the country, beating out the Xbox 360 launch earlier in the year where Microsoft sold an admirable 30,000 consoles.

Nintendo consoles (including Wii and DS) accounted for 67% of all video game hardware sales last week.

"Myer has just experienced a strong spike in total business which can be largely attributed to the introduction of Wii," explains Bernie Brookes, Myer CEO. "We couldn't be happier with the fantastic products Nintendo are releasing. Our Wii launch experience has really shown that consumers have made Myer a destination store for gaming."

Meanwhile, local retailer Harvey Norman missed out on the Wii altogether, with Nintendo citing that the retail chain was demanding the consoles at a cheaper price point than everyone else. Late last year, the retailer also pulled GameCube hardware and software from shelves. Perhaps now, with the success of the Wii, they will have to reconsider how they do business with Nintendo."

+ - How to make a taser from a disposable camera.

Submitted by
ungus writes "A simple, well explained video tutorial on how to easily make a simple shocking device from a disposable camera! Check it out here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-ErFr66Y0LQ

It's great way to burn the hole in the side of a soda can, etc... and if you're a really big jerk you can shock your friends. It's pretty painful, though. A cheap, easy, fun little project that can be done by pretty much anyone. Explained with hardware and electronics n00bs in mind!"

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