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by Psyborgue (#47106445) Attached to: <em>Watch Dogs</em> Released, DRM Troubles

Believe it or not, Half Life 2 and episodes are DRM free and can be run without Steam. Lots of steam games don't have DRM. Steam is simply a distrobution platform that provides optional DRM that actually works pretty well. On top of all this, Steam's family sharing even lets you share your games with family and friends. The only games that don't work with family sharing are those with additional DRM on top, like Uplay, GFWL, Rockstar, etc. because they require a secondary login and the key can only be registered to one account.

Comment: Re:Comply with the law (Score 1) 370

This is going to get abused so much it will either be enforced automatically (like DMCA) leading to a useless European internet, or Google will just throw their hands up and refuse to comply. This is even worse than the DMCA. At least dmca allows a counter-notice to be filed.

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