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Comment Re:What about the minicabs and TFL? (Score 1) 76

The Knowledge is a real thing,

I think its another case of technology being ahead of legislation. The idea of the black cab rules was not to give a few guys a privilege for nothing. By insisting that they pass the knowledge people know that they will be driven by someone who knows where they are going, the quickest route in the current traffic conditions, and alternatives if there are accidents. Now a good sat nav with real-time traffic updates will do the same thing. Perhaps the need for the monoply has gone now.

Comment Have you ever tried changing the 'culture'? (Score 2) 618

I am a geek, but I do own businesses which employ other geeks, on several continents

Now, as a geek I know what we geeks are capable of, good, as well as bad

And I can tell you this one thing - no matter which continents, geeks are geeks, and our 'geekiness' is 'toxic' to those with thinner skin - we geeks like to compete, and whether you like it or not, the thickness of our skin has become one of the 'legitimate competitive category'

Comment Re:Well, yeah (Score 1) 618

Is Linux successful? Debatable. It has success in limited uses, but has never grown beyond these uses. It is a feature, not a product. Linus accomplished a lot, but what groundbreaking thing has he done in the last 20 years?

None of which has much to do with the kernel. I doubt there's a single feature you can point to and say "because the kernel is missing/mis-implemented this, people will not adopt linux". The lack of adoption of linux in userspace, if it is due to any technical reason at all, is to do with problems in the userspace tools.

Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 1) 67

oh no question that the tech has gotten better (and therefore more expensive) however I dont want to see a return to that period of time, which is what a lot of people making the argument for more regulation dont seem to understand

more regulation = higher costs, which in turn means people keep their cars longer, which means less efficient cars stay on the road longer

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 618

It's not a binary between "coddling" (by which I assume you mean making sure no one's feelings ever get hurt) and "being a relentless fucking asshole." It's possible to strike a balance.

There are points where the people you are coddling will still think you're a fucking asshole, if that's what you mean. The happy medium where you are neither coddling people nor having them consider you a fucking asshole... that doesn't exist.

Comment Re: Expect drama (Score 1) 155

Incidentally, just to head off this objection: GGers managed to dig up a video of Anita Sarkeesian saying that she didn't like modern warfare-type shooters, and somehow spun this into an "admission" that she wasn't really a gamer.

FWIW, I don't like the endless parade of Battlecall: Field of Duty clones either.

Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 1) 67

remember the 70's and 80's and how bad the cars were? (going from 400 HP monsters to 80 HP rust buckets?

that was all thanks to the EPA. its only been the past 5-10 years that we have finally come back to a place where cars are fun again

do we really want the next vette to have 120 HP????

I dont

Comment Re:Which Side Fought Against Disclosure, Again? (Score 1) 155

What are you specifically trying to communicate with that label?

As I explained in that last sentence (which you may have missed), I am trying to communicate the fact that as an outsider (to both sides), I can't tell who is "in" Gamergate and who is "out". The only piece of information I have is who uses the hashtag, and literally anyone can use that. Even among the high-profile people who are commonly associated with the movement, it's often hard to tell if they're in or out (e.g. Aurini).

The reason why "Gamergate fanboy" is because there are more of those than there are drive-by trolls, which is the only sane alternative. But I do concede that drive-by trolls exist. (The usually-posited alternative, that of "false flag" operations, is quite frankly off the deep end, and most mainstream Gamergaters wisely don't engage in that particular piece of projection.)

On the other side it's a little easier to tell who's "in" in many cases, because if someone is a target of Gamergate, they're almost certainly "in".

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