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Comment: Got my hands on one at PDXLAN (Score 5, Interesting) 81

by Psyberian (#44435551) Attached to: Nvidia Releases Tegra 4 Powered SHIELD Handheld

Got hands one at PDXLAN in Portland a few weeks ago. What can I say but holy crap, I gotta have one. It's a like an oversized dreamcast controller with a LCD screen. It's streaming seemed flawless. We ran Borderlands and a few other games without issue. They were stating a pretty insane battery life, but that will be left to see what it really is. The screen was beautiful, it has a large number of games, and more coming. It was also running steam if I remember correctly. I know this isn't much of are review, but more of just saying, this thing rocks.

Comment: Re:My love of copper and the Problem with FIOS... (Score 1) 120

by Psyberian (#44166889) Attached to: Alcatel-Lucent Gives DSL Networks a Gigabit Boost

I'm assuming Verizon was your ILEC. Even if you had 8 DSL providers, they all used Verizon copper and either leased Verizon lines, or resold Verizon services. So they all had to deal with Verizon. In my case, Qwest, now Centurylink is the ILEC. They hate to share, they make it nearly impossible charge exorbitant fees, and their local techs flat out blackmail and lie to us on repair issues. So we are doing more and more fiber. We still have to fight the power company for pole space, but once on we are good and we own our own plant, so we are not just renting lines and losing money. xDSL is still good in a lot of cases, but it is becoming harder and harder to deal with. What we need is the FCC to for cable providers to share. Right now they have monopolies in their markets and are overcharging for services they could make much better.

Comment: Re:Who cares if we are hungry... (Score 1) 419

by Psyberian (#42863443) Attached to: Corn Shortage Hampers US Ethanol Production

Except in the real world. I purchased a new Honda Civic just as E10 was being release. My vehicle before the stations had E10 was getting from 30 to 40 miles per gallon highway. This is normal driving with a mix of city and highway calculated from a tank at about 3/4 full and filling without top off at each pump visit. After E10 was at the pumps I went down to about 27 to 33 miles per gallon. After noticing this I double checked and cleaned all filters to eliminate a possible issue. No fix. I found a station that still sold non-ethanol, my mileage went up to about 35 to 37 mile per gallon after a couple tanks. Not back to where I was, but a measurable increase. So even ignoring the pollution caused by creation of the fuel I was burning more fuel, causing more pollution, and costing more money. If cars ran on pure ethanol, it would be different, but E10, and god I hope we don't get E15 aren't an answer.

Comment: Re:Heh.. you will find a lot of hostility (Score 1) 290

by Psyberian (#28453351) Attached to: The Imminent Demise of SORBS

As an administrator for a regional ISP that this has happened to. SORBS made our life a living hell. They blacklisted our IP space not for spam, but because they thought our static IP space rDNS appeared like a dynamic block. We lost customers, were on and off their list until we threatened to sick lawyers on them. Then magically we were off the list and white listed.

Good riddance. I may through a "ding dong the witch is dead" party on July 20th. But I don't know where to find 50 midgets to dance around singing about it.

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