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Comment Stop encouraging them (Score 2) 106 106

Backers are simply enabling these people and not actually helping to cure their hoarding illness, 138 million items is really nothing to be proud of, they should be actively encouraged to de-clutter and to let go of these things, they will thank you for it in the long run.

Comment Impetric (Score 1) 942 942

Until they make tape measures in the UK DIY Stores that only read in metric I will continue to use "Impetric" for whatever D.I.Y job I am tackling. If it is small and to a high degree of accuracy I tend to use mm but if its something like popping together a garden shed I tend to use feet and inches and then mm for the last bit. "The door frame needs to be 6 feet and 40mm, works for me as all of the measures here have both on them.

Comment BT Openzone (Score 1) 474 474

Is the same in the UK, you do get access to their higher powered public wi-fi as well but due to the fact that their supplied routers barely extend around the house they are intended to feed let alone become some kind of public hot-spot doesnt work very well from the few I have tried to access. I believe the traffic on your own SSID is prioritised too (confirmation needed though). Nothing to stop you using a laptop connected to the public SSID for your illegal downloading though I suppose. Damn those wardriving freeloaders.

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