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Comment: Impetric (Score 1) 942

by PsyMan (#48036999) Attached to: David Cameron Says Brits Should Be Taught Imperial Measures
Until they make tape measures in the UK DIY Stores that only read in metric I will continue to use "Impetric" for whatever D.I.Y job I am tackling. If it is small and to a high degree of accuracy I tend to use mm but if its something like popping together a garden shed I tend to use feet and inches and then mm for the last bit. "The door frame needs to be 6 feet and 40mm, works for me as all of the measures here have both on them.

Comment: BT Openzone (Score 1) 474

Is the same in the UK, you do get access to their higher powered public wi-fi as well but due to the fact that their supplied routers barely extend around the house they are intended to feed let alone become some kind of public hot-spot doesnt work very well from the few I have tried to access. I believe the traffic on your own SSID is prioritised too (confirmation needed though). Nothing to stop you using a laptop connected to the public SSID for your illegal downloading though I suppose. Damn those wardriving freeloaders.

Comment: Think harder Rick (Score 5, Insightful) 398

by PsyMan (#47178423) Attached to: The Ethics Cloud Over Ballmer's $2 Billion B-Ball Buy
'"It is hard to imagine any more heinous way of earning money than by benefiting from racism," ... Well, lets think, you could run a child prostitution ring, child slavery, people trafficking, run a pharmacutical firm/country that denies poorer people medicine or be a banker. Not hard to imagine at all. (not sure what the rest of the summary was about as I did not read it.

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