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Comment: Double Standards (Score 1) 359

The summary reminds me of JFK and of this indirectly related article The Double Standard That Lets Elites Survive Even Catastrophic Failures:

To be taken seriously, those who critique the powerful must be flawless, whereas society forgives the most egregious errors in judgment of the elites themselves.

Comment: The Spanish model (Score 1) 518

by Pseudonymus Bosch (#46008441) Attached to: Nobel Prize Winning Economist: Legalize Sale of Human Organs

Meanwhile, you could study the Spanish National Transplant Organization that achieves the highest rate of transplants/inhabitants in the world. Its model requires:

  • Universal health insurance coverage
  • Money (not a lot, actually)
  • A high rate of doctors/inhabitants
  • Nurses/ICU bed
  • Mechanical ventilation for ICU beds
  • The right demographic pyramid

Comment: Address (Score 1) 328

by Pseudonymus Bosch (#45293225) Attached to: Edward Snowden's New Job: Tech Support

Can't he provide his lawyer address or some Russian address that is not where he actually lives at? Taxes would be the same in one or another Moscow neighborhood.
If he ends up legal, giving a false address while still paying doesn't seem a serious charge (IANAUS&ATANAL).
If he ends up illegal, he should avoid being arrested anyway (do you get extradited for tax evasion? Even if you are acknowledged a refugee?)

Comment: Big and small (Score 1) 527

There's a big difference between the legal firepower available to a small service provider like Lavabit and someone like Yahoo or Google

But, while Lavabit apparently can afford to close down before yielding, can you imagine GMail or Yahoo or Facebook choosing to close? I can't.

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