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+ - Worlds' First Successful Penis Transplant 1 1

BarbaraHudson writes: from the add-a-dick-to-me dept.

South African doctors have performed the first successful penis transplant, grafting the penis of a dead relative onto the 21-year-old male who "lost his manhood" during a tribal adult circumcision ceremony.

The donor penis isn't circumcised; this time he will have the procedure done in the hospital. An earlier attempt at transplanting a penis failed.

Comment: Re:Teachers (Score 1) 388 388

The purpose of school is not to make people able to get a job, and it shouldn't be. It is to hopefully make them into a well-rounded person with enough fundamental knowledge to pursue most other things. If they want to train to be a plumber, go get an apprenticeship. If they want to learn networking, go to a trade school, preferably not Network Academy, because it will only teach you Cisco bullshit.

Comment: Re:ISPs don't want to take Cogent's money (Score 1) 706 706

Over subscription should be close to zero. It is no concern of mine that the ISP followed the industry standard of lying to it's customers of what it could deliver, then looks bad when it fails to do so. I will download and steam anything that I please, whenever I please.

Comment: Re:Slashdot Hate Machine (Score 2) 65 65

Wrong. Also, they would just make new accounts, like the GNAA did. I realize that you and GP have invested a large portion of your heart into the names `DrinkyPoo' and `BringsApples', but most people don't give nearly as many shits about fake internet names and online reputation on an irrelevant site as you do.

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