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Comment: don't pee outside,gents! (Score 1) 684

by Provocateur (#45885657) Attached to: Polar Vortex Sends Life-Threatening Freeze To US

you don't just shake it when you're done. you have to SNAPOFF the piss after it freezes in mid-air. I tried to explain to the officer it was for a coupledrug tests later in the day, and i had several lined up. nah, they won't have to nuke it.just drop off the sample in the cup. or ziplock bags, for those that know the don't get all artistic withyour output; they might think you do this for a living.

Comment: One theory (Score 1) 243

by Provocateur (#45456795) Attached to: Explorer Plans Hunt For Genghis Khan's Long-Lost Tomb

One theory is that the abominable snowman is Genghis Khan. They have never been seen together ever. Genghis Khan is immortal but to ensure his survival, he chooses to hide from humans including paparazzi. How did the creature become abominable anyway One is not born like that; it takes hard work.

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