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Comment: Re:What does this have to do with tech? (Score 1) 819

well, in one incident, the guy wanted to use his laptop on the tray table. To prevent the passenger in front of him to recline too far (and damage his laptop) he put a knee defender, a gizmo that limits reclining the seat. That passenger got mad and things escalated, causing the pilot to divert his flight.

Comment: The local paper had this tidbit (Score 3, Interesting) 819

The gentleman in question had wanted to use his laptop to update his notes after a business trip, if I recall correctly. He put the gizmo called 'knee defender' so that the passenger wouldn't recline as he worked on his computer. He says he should have handled things differently; he was stunned when 1) the passenger actually poured water on him, splashing a bit on his laptop, and 2) that their plane was diverted over the incident. He also switched to an airline that didn't have reclining seats the rest of the trip

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