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Comment Windows (Score 1) 494

That EULA should block the entire screen if you click 'do not accept' Here you are provided with a menu of other options.

a) Install an OS of your choice from CD or USB.
b) I need this as a paperweight for my flatbed.
c) I need this as a doorstop first, then wish to donate it to the library after (I have enough tablets and hardware, thank you)
d) why is still in beige, it doesn't go with anything I have in the den!
e) I wish to continue my descent into hell; please install the latest Windows.

Comment NOT to alarm anyone (Score 1, Funny) 273

But there was an internet outage about two weeks ago, and it went unreported because it seemed to be a simple outage. It happened before 7AM, and early customers at our laundromat could not access their prepaid online balances. The TV only showed an unusual white-box error message about technical difficulties. The Russians had just resumed bombing supposed ISIS targets.

The outage was early enough not to be noticed; it was about 5 minutes to 7 AM Eastern. What was cause for concern was for how long it lasted, almost 20 minutes of cell phone downtime. And no CNN even local news on our FIOS-enabled in-house network.

Anybody can bring down the net. But not just anybody can keep it down for so long. This is where I almost regret reading too many books or too many news items.

Not even Slashdot noticed anything; it was too early in the day.

Comment Go BIG, Dell, or go home to mama (Score 4, Interesting) 77

I am asking Dell to ship laptops. with no OS encumbrances. No MS tax.

Are you still beholden to MS' bullying tactics? Where Michael sold his soul and signed on the dotted line?

Or are you hardware makers, pure and simple?

Ship this flagship notebook, without an OS. This is your wake-up call. Go mano a mano with the big boys. I think it is time. The Force awakens. We can buy your Windows-encumbered hardware, sure, and reach for the moon. Or you can sell us the hardware with our choice of a distro, and we can shoot for Mars instead.

This is your wake-up call, Dell.

Pop quiz: Do you hit the snooze button? Or show them there's a new sheriff in town, and he would like to play on your sandlot.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.