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Comment: Re:How much will this new ink cost? (Score 2, Interesting) 140

by ProudWhiteTrash (#26566537) Attached to: Ink Breakthrough Heralds Bendy PC Screens
I purchased a Kodak ESP 9 All-in-One Printer for $299. I am amazed at how cheap the ink is for it compared to my old Epson. $20 gets you a black and color cartridge with 120 sheets of 4" x 6" photo paper. You have to put a little more money up front but in the long run I think it will save a tan on $$$$$.

+ - Electricity-generating road->

Submitted by ProudWhiteTrash
ProudWhiteTrash writes: Though it sounds like a far fetched idea, a small stretch of road in Israel capable of producing electricity will undergo testing next month. Its developers say that the one-kilometre stretch of road is capable of generating 400 kW of energy, enough to power eight small cars.
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