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Submission + - Telecomix Publishes Syria Videos

pafein writes: "Hacktivist cluster and jellyfish lovers Telecomix is pleased to announce the first episode of the Telecomix Broadcast System, an archive of videos from Syria. Weighing it at over 3.6 gigabytes, the 311 videos document the ongoing struggle for freedom in Syria over the last nine months and is the largest such collection to date. Contacted on their IRC network, agents said "Now, you know what's happening there. Stop complaining. Act." and urged Internauts to heed The Pirate Bay's call to build more sites and nets. In past months, Telecomix has been supporting free communication in Syria for several months and found evidence of Western manufactured hardware being used to censor the Internet."

Submission + - Telecomix Offers Help Against Belgium Censors

bs0d3 writes: Today a court ruling in Belgium over-ruled an earlier court ruling and is ordering an isp to block thepiratebay. It's been announced that the type of block to be used by the isp is a simple DNS filter which is similar to ones used before in Denmark. In Denmark, the dns block was extremly easy to circumvent and the attention to thepiratebay actually increased Danish site traffic after the block. Today an hacktivist group called telecomix; which is more recently known for helping to establish communications during the internet blackout in Egypt, is offering their help. Their custom made "censorship proof" dns service is designed for situations just like this. ISP customers facing a block can simply use telecomix's dns server instead of the isp provided one to access blocked sites such as thepiratebay.

Submission + - Gets $10k for Uncensored Internet-> 1

Anonymous Coward writes: "Uncensored access to the Internet can overthrow dictators and aid the creation of free societies. This has been shown by recent events in North Africa and the Middle East. Whether in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya — the revolution is inseparably linked to free communication and unhindered access to independent news and media.
Till today the project has been graciously financed by private donations from supporters. Now, founder Moritz Bartl and his team have partnered with Access Now. has received a $10,000 US Dollars grant from Access Now that allows for a major capacity upgrade as an immediate tech response to support freedom movements all around the globe. This makes the largest operator on the Tor network."

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Comment Re:Phone home? (Score 1) 548

There would still be ways to disable it - rename the script in /etc/cron.daily, use the 'crontab -e' command to comment it out, set the daemon itself to non-executable... unless they hardcode it into the kernel there will likely always be a simple way to render it nonfunctional.

That said, I really doubt that Canonical will do such at thing, at least, unless they get bought out.
Wireless Networking

Some LA Coffee Shops Are Taking Wi-Fi Off the Menu 312

As New York is putting Wi-Fi on wheels, reader Hugh Pickens notes a counter trend in Los Angeles coffee shops. (We remarked on a similar backlash in Seattle in 2005.) "Coffee shops were the retail pioneers of Wi-Fi, but Jessica Guynn reports in the LA Times that now some owners are pulling the plug after finding that Wi-Fi freeloaders who camp out all day nursing a single cup of coffee are a drain on the bottom line. Other owners strive to preserve a friendly vibe and keep their establishments from turning into 'Matrix'-like zombie shacks where people type and don't talk. 'There is now a market niche for not having Wi-Fi,' says Bryant Simon. After Dan and Nathalie Drozdenko turned off the Wi-Fi at their Los Angeles cafe, the complaints poured in, but so did the compliments: Lots of customers appreciated a wireless cup of joe at the Downbeat Cafe, a popular lunch spot in Echo Park. 'People come here because we don't offer it. They know they can get their work done and not get distracted.'"

Chatroulette To Log IP Addresses, Take Screenshots 194

littlekorea writes "Chatroulette, the strangely addictive online game in which users are connected via webcam and microphone to random strangers at the click of a button, has had enough of users exposing themselves to the unsuspecting public, among other disgraces. The founder of Chatroulette has announced the company has hired developers to collect IP addresses and take screenshots of those users breaking the rules."
The Courts

Facing 16 Years In Prison For Videotaping Police 878

krou sends this snip from the Maine Civil Liberties Union: "The ACLU of Maryland is defending Anthony Graber, who faces as much as sixteen years in prison if found guilty of violating state wiretap laws because he recorded video of an officer drawing a gun during a traffic stop. ... Once [the Maryland State Police] learned of the video on YouTube, Graber's parents' house was raided, searched, and four of his computers were confiscated. Graber was arrested, booked, and jailed. Their actions are a calculated method of intimidation. Another person has since been similarly charged under the same statute. The wiretap law being used to charge Anthony Graber is intended to protect private communication between two parties. According to David Rocah, the ACLU attorney handling Mr. Graber's case, 'To charge Graber with violating the law, you would have to conclude that a police officer on a public road, wearing a badge and a uniform, performing his official duty, pulling someone over, somehow has a right to privacy when it comes to the conversation he has with the motorist.'" Here are a factsheet (PDF) on the case from the ACLU of Maryland, and the video at issue.

Forced iAds Coming To OS X? 416

mario_grgic writes "Apple insider brings a story about expansion and renewal of a current 'Advertisement in Operating System' patent that Apple's Steve Jobs and other contributors have. The patent describes in detail (with OS X screen shots) how the forced ads would work (they would disable some OS functionality until the ad is viewed), but apparently it also applies to any device with a UI, including phones, TVs, set top boxes, etc. With Apple's recent entry into the mobile ad business, and its ambition to own half of all the mobile ads served during the second half of this year, it certainly makes one wonder if Apple would dare and put something like this in its desktop OS. I wonder if this would push more people to open source alternatives?"

Onion Story Gets Blown Out of Proportion Screenshot-sm 641

A 3-year-old Onion video titled "Martial Law Plans Revealed?" has swept across the internet recently, and taken the gullible along with it. The video has some preaching from the highest mountain top about the evils of a government turning fascist, and an equal number explaining until red in the face what The Onion is.

Comment Re:"Definition of open-source hardware" (Score 1) 93

Does it simply allow someone to post schematics, firmware sources, Gerber files and BOMs with the implied, "Please don't make a bunch of these and sell them as your own design," or is there more to it?

This license might work just as well for that: Creative Commons by attribution/non-commercial/share-alike (v3.0)

Comment Re:I have to say (Score 1) 93

People who are "dreaming" threaten the status quo, and thus also threaten people who are frightened of change and progress. I don't know why there's so much scoffing about open source hardware (or open source anything) because it's not like it's going to take away your safe mass-marketed gear or anything.

Those who scoff tend to lack the imagination to do anything along those lines, or lack the confidence to build their skills up to the point where they are capable of doing something interesting, new, and innovative. It's far easier to bust someone's chops for "dreaming" or "being unrealistic" to cover the fact that the naysayer has balls the size of peas (if applicable) than it is to get off of one's ass and do something.


Fring Calls Skype 'Cowards'; Skype Responds 152

An anonymous reader writes "It seems that Skype and Fring are not getting along so well today. First, Fring made a claim that Skype was blocking Fring and in a subsequent blog post, called Skype 'cowards': 'Now that Fring expanded capacity to support the huge demand for video calling for all users, Skype has blocked us from doing so. They are afraid of open mobile communication. Cowards.' Skype has responded, stating that Fring's misuse of Skype software was damaging their brand and reputation: 'There is no truth to Fring's claims that Skype has blocked it. Fring made the decision to remove Skype functionality on its own.'

Comment As much as I'd love to have my DNA sequenced... (Score 1) 233

I'm concerned about what would be done with the information. I'd feel a hell of a lot better if I had any assurance that the company doing the work wasn't going to sell it or give it to someone else for archival. I'm also concerned about my health insurance company getting a copy of the data, analyzing it, and thereafter deciding that my coverage should be dropped entirely rather than staying at sucktacular because there is one gene they decided that will cost them too much in the long run.

China Says US Uses Facebook To Spread Political Unrest 274

crimeandpunishment writes "A Chinese government-backed think tank says the US and other western governments use Facebook and other social networking sites to spread political unrest. Their report says, 'We must pay attention to the potential risks and threats to state security as the popularity of social-networking sites continues to grow,' and calls for increased scrutiny of the sites."

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