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Best Buy Accused of Overcharging 301

Posted by Zonk
from the maybe-shouldn't-be-quite-so-greedy dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has accused Best Buy of overcharging its customers. His accusation is that customers see one price on Best Buy's website, in stores salespeople would show them a different internal site from a kiosk. Best Buy denies the charges. 'Previously, the company confirmed that store employees have access to an internal Web site that looks nearly identical to the public site, but the company's policy is always to offer customers the lowest quoted price unless it's specifically identified as a deal available only to online shoppers. Jerry Farrell Jr., Connecticut's consumer protection commissioner, said the lawsuit should be a warning to companies to be more transparent in their business practices.'"

+ - 15 year old IIP Printers opened up on ZDNET

Submitted by
avatar139 writes "As posted on At the risk of revealing my age, anyone over the age of 35 years old may recall the invention of the HP IIP one of the first and to this day still the best and most reliable laser printers around. Several companies still use this model amazingly enough, and when you think about the average lifespan for consumer and corporate electronics, that's pretty impressive. The digital gallery that ZDNET set up showcases the device fairly well, so if you are interested in laser printers in general, and the internals of such devices you might want to take a look at the gallery."

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