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Comment Re:This just shows paranoid FOSS fanatics are (Score -1, Troll) 285

Oh and just let me add, even this story title has something like "outs himself". Heh.

On top of that it has a blatant lie of him being Oracle employee when in the summary it's clear he isn't employed by Oracle but is an outside consultant. But let's not get the truth and facts get in the way of these paranoid conspiracy theories, even if it means twisting the truth.

Comment This just shows paranoid FOSS fanatics are (Score -1, Troll) 285

I am constantly being accused of shilling for Microsoft on Slashdot just because I write that they do some good things. Seems like Mueller was accused for that too. Well, turns out that not true and these FOSS lunatics just make out some huge conspiracy theories how the whole world is against them.

And by the way, who should comment on these issues then? Someone who doesn't work in the industry and doesn't know anything about it? Yeah right. But of course it's bad when the comments contain something you don't agree with. For the free speech and freedom, yeah right!

Comment Re:Open Source is good because YOU can fix bugs (Score 1) 178

You know, there's a very good reason those certifications exist and why they cost a lot, especially in industries where things can get dangerous if managed by persons who don't know what they're doing. The high cost is not about making lots of money, it's about only having people who are seriously committed. That's also why Cisco and Microsoft certifications cost so much.

Comment Re:Some things should probably be left alone (Score -1, Troll) 178

Usually commercial companies have thoughtful testing and QA process. They need to because they would be held liable for things like this, and it would also be devastating to their image. That's a huge difference to some open source project which is coded by some guy in his parents basement who probably doesn't even have a car but tests it in a simulator.

Submission Google Secretly Supporting CISPA-> 3

ProfessionalTech writes: The controversial cybersecurity bill CISPA, which would let the government to spy anyone of their choosing, has been revealed by GOP chairman to be secretly backed by Google. CISPA, which has been made to combat theft or misappropriation of private or government information, intellectual property and personally identifiable information, has been said to be even worse for privacy and your rights than SOPA. A Google spokeswoman has declined to comment about their alleged secret support of the privacy violating bill.
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Comment Re:Akamai doesn't generate traffic (Score 0) 71

Both Amazon and Google (YouTube for the most part) are also business models designed around traffic management and content delivery. They don't generate that much traffic themselves. I know Amazon the store site is quite horribly coded, but I doubt it still generates 1% of internet traffic :-P

Comment Re:Akamai was there years ago (Score 4, Informative) 71

And delivering static content (images, videos, software executables and patches and so on) is what makes most of the traffic on Amazon's network, so thinking about non-internet related purposes on a story about how much traffic Amazon has is a moot point. Besides, Akamai's CDN and the availability of their network in different parts of the world is much more impressive than Amazon's.

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