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Profane MuthaFucka's Journal: Republicans have a racism problem 2

Journal by Profane MuthaFucka

And too often, they apologize for the racists. They need to throw the racists out of the party, but it seems to me that conservatives just don't know how to do it. They're kind of new to this whole "equality" thing. Luckily, there's a video showing how conservatives can throw the racists out of the party. Hopefully, the old guys like McCain will watch it to learn how it's done. His current strategy of calling voters and telling them that Obama is an A-rab is NOT the way it's done.

OK, here is how you do it:


See how these people speak out loudly against racists without defending them even a little bit? They're not attacking the messenger, as many Republicans do. They're not minimizing the problem by saying that not all Republicans are racists. They aren't making any excuses for the racists behavior at all. They're just simply doing the right thing here.

Obviously we don't know what they said during the parts edited out, but it doesn't matter. The statements on the video, standing by themselves, are what conservatives EVERYWHERE need to be repeating.

Racists should not feel like they can come to a McCain rally and be welcomed when they sell hateful shit like these bumper stickers. Throw those motherfuckers out.

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Republicans have a racism problem

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