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Comment Re: All us Mac users . . . (Score 1) 128

The OS that I most commonly use is an official flavor of the Ubuntu family but is probably the popular of the official flavors. The only place I know of wide deployment of Lubuntu is some guy who had installed it on a bunch of oscilloscopes as the default OS. We kind of rejoiced as we had actually found another Lubuntu user in the wild.

Sure, I've met some on AskUbuntu but none at the LoCo, none in the chat, and not even anyone here seems to use it except that one guy who does and they install it on scopes.

Wait, no... They're not oscilloscopes. They're chemical analyzing equipment. They were spectrography tools. Yeah, I think that was it. Hell, I don't even know what they do but I almost bought one just to play with it. Err... I kind of understand what they do, I've just never used one and have no idea how they actually get used - like what buttons to push, what settings to use, and what to do with the output. I am not a chemist. I don't think these used gas... But I digress.

So, that leads me this... Not even my girlfriend uses Lubuntu. She uses Mint Cinnamon. I've met one person in the wild and not one other person. Who the hell am I flocking with? :/ I don't wanna be left out! I need affirmation!!! On a more serious note: I suppose that's true at times but I'm not sure if it's true enough to be a good adage. That might have made more sense when I was young. We had fewer choices and less communication back then.

That said: I did not pick Lubuntu to be different or anything. I picked it because I like LXDE and the simplicity and ease of configuration that goes with it. I like the tools that are in it and I don't usually swap many of them out for new stuff - but I do the cumulative thing were I end up with crap installed that I don't really need but I never remove it. Yes, I said it. I like LXDE. At any rate, I wanted LXDE and the Ubuntu ecosystem is very large, active, and generally approachable.

Comment Re:Hitler was driving Mercedes (Score 1) 128

Well, he did write a book and paint some paintings. He also served and was gassed in WWI. He was a messenger, a runner, if I recall correctly. Also, there are some people who postulate that he did not write the book, Mein Kampfy Chair, all by himself. And he was in prison at the time... So, I dunno... It's not like he was doing hard time in prison. Serving in a war is work but it is, technically, government work.

I do not know what his adjusted accumulated wealth numbers would look like but I suspect he's up there. The richest? I dunno? Seems odd but lots of oddities turn out to be true.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 128

At risk of interrupting, whose life are you trying to live? And by what authority do you dictate the rules?

Err... Not that I care a whole bunch but I've been waxing philosophical all thread, I might as well keep it up.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 128

Strangely enough, an individual can be part of the collective. Just like you can be male and still and individual.

On this, the 42nd day of year 2016, thus did spake KGIII; "Seeketh ye not affirmation from others, for content is the man who seeketh not, but hath affirmation within himself."

Seriously, unknot your knickers. Are you here? Yup. Are you specifically in the comments? Yup. Are you adding, in your own special way, to the comments? Yup. You went out of your way to be a Slashdotter. Then, to be edgy, you want to rail about the position you put yourself in. Oh, so edgy!

You can be both a Slashdotter and an individual just like you can be a citizen of the world and an individual, a guitarist and an individual, or whatever else. You put yourself here and then complained about it? Doesn't that seem a little silly to you? Or are you hell bent on playing up the edgy thing?

Comment Re:All us Mac users . . . (Score 1) 128

Err... Why? Who gives a shit who else uses your OS? It's not a lifestyle choice, it's a fucking operating system. There's a bunch of them. Pick which ever one you like best and run with it. Pick the one that gives you the ability to accomplish the tasks you wish to accomplish, with the least hassles, and with the fewest compromises that you need to make in order to do so safely, peacefully, and with the greatest amount of ease possible.

It doesn't matter if it's Windows, OS X, BSD, MINIX, Linux, or whatever else. It's an operating system. You are not your operating system. Your operating system is not you. Other people who use your OS are not you. You are not defined by the OS you us, the software you run, or the assets you have. Place stock in who you really are instead of needing affirmation from others with your choices.

That, that there is what freedom really is.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 128

Get that hook out of your mouth. The bait wasn't even that good! ;-)

Actually, a couple of years ago someone shared a racist joke with me. It's at this point that I'll share that I'm part black (as is known) and that the person who shared it with me is also black. While it might make you chuckle, there's a serious bent to it.

Q: When does a black man become a nigger?
A: When he leaves the room.

Funny? Maybe. True? Quite probably. Sad? Kinda sorta.

Sometimes there's value in humor. It's all how we look at it. Also, the AC's just a troll. They got some bites so you can't say they're unsuccessful. However, baiting with SJW-bait? That's probably considered poaching and it's almost certainly out of season.

Comment Re:lameness filter, that's cool (Score 1) 14

Well, I'm glad you did and I'm glad I did. Though, now I kind of want that script. :P

I'm in Opera so it's ViolentMonkey for me. It's the same thing. There's Grease, Tamper, and Violent. There may be more but I've used all three of those. I'm a big fan of that and Stylish. I love me some scripts and user-styles. I use a gray theme for Slashdot, it looks nice but has some minor bugs in it.

I suspect they'll have to keep modifying the filter as it's really hard to stop a determined spammer. I've thought about all of it and I can think of no way to block him that I can't also think of a way to circumvent. Thus, I've been careful to not actually give any suggestions as the ways to bypass them are easy for me to think of and I'm sure someone will happily pipe up and give further instructions. But, it's a start...

We just have to remember... That which is used against him is also able to be used against us. This is a strong, bold, and potentially abused step for them to be taking at such an early stage. While I agree, entirely, with their choice - I think it's imperative to ensure we do our best to watch for abuses. This is our community. We let them have this site. They are trivial to replace - I could have a replacement up in a month. Sooner but I'm lazy. Others could do much better.

So, we need to make sure that when they do this, it's done with justification. Justification is certainly there, in this particular case. I'm not saying that it will become abusive. No, I'm saying nothing of the sort. I'm saying that it *could* become abusive and that we should be alert to it. Then again, I probably don't have to explain that to you. I'm just used to having to make myself clear for those who will nitpick and read into things that which I did not say.

E.g. "I don't really like Obama's politics."
Reply: "You're racist!"

Comment Re:Neandertal or hybrid issues (Score 1) 98

From what little I know, which is not much, Neanderthal is not what I'd call "fragile." All of my "expertise" comes from documentaries. PBS had a great one, NOVA, called something like, "Where did we Come From." It was a five part series and traced the various people back and tried to find out the paths they took and how we got to be where we are today - it was pretty good.

At any rate, the Neanderthal didn't really go extinct. I mean, yeah, there are none left but there's probably some genetic material left in you. Humans and Neanderthal had a distant ancestor that they shared. The paths diverged and Neanderthal was the first to evolve into a higher form (for lack of a better word). We humans were on a different track and later we bumped into each other, probably in Europe, and had enough genetic material to successfully mate.

For whatever reason, and we do not know why, the Neanderthal itself ceased to exist - it's speculated that it was neither overpopulation, resource use, or violence. They simply don't know - it may have been a specific pathogen that only affected them but not humans or impacted humans at a lesser rate - some immunity might be there today, hidden dormant in our genetic material.

But, the Neanderthal and the Human had mated and produced offspring. So, really... It's kind of true that there are no more Neanderthals left and that means we can call them extinct but there are still plenty of them walking around - at least if you get a bunch of humans and mash 'em up in a blender or something. That's how it works, right? I don't know if extinct is the right word for it?

At any rate, they were much, much thicker and more robust than we are. If you look at their bones, they're huge. If you ever see the guys from Iceland at the Tough Man competitions, they were built a bit like them but probably a bit more broad than most of those guys. They were HUGE. They had some neat pictures of their bones and our bones, in a side by side picture, and it was impressive how huge they were. They did a CGI overlay of them (I think that's the same series) and it's amazing how much larger they were. They weren't all that much taller, necessarily, but they were much more broad and thicker. I sometimes wonder if they were what led to some of the "giant" tales that are common across the globe. Maybe not them while they were alive but it's not unlikely that someone uncovered their bones back then and figured out that they were very similar and very large.

I forget the exact numbers they gave but they had an estimated strength based on mass, density, muscle insert and origin markings on the bone, leverage, etc... They concluded that they were probably able to lift and carry large amounts of weight and were insanely strong. They've also concluded that speech, as we know it, was likely impossible for them but that they were likely rather intelligent.

But, fragile is not a word that I'd use to describe them. Of course, I'm not an expert and my knowledge comes from documentaries watched for amusement and not for educational purposes.

Comment Re:Idle hands (Score 1) 98

I'd hoped I'd find you in this thread.

Given your prior links, I'd be surprised if you didn't know the song. For the rest, give it a click. It's definitely on-topic. I posted at the top of the thread and mentioned that it'd be good if Pope could see it. So, if you didn't click it the first time - there it is again.

Turn the volume up loud and get groovy. Get down with your bad selves! Dance and wave your hands around and gyrate those hips like the Summer of Love has ended and you're desperate to keep it alive! Dance like you've eaten the brown acid. Get down with your partner or get down with yourself. If all you got is a cat? Get down with that.

Comment Re:Is there a greater risk of micropenis? (Score 1) 98

I'd love to have my DNA tested but, so far, I've not found anyone willing to do it and ensure my privacy is kept. No, you may not assign my DNA a number and throw it in with others without asking. If you ask, I'll say yes. But you may not do it without asking.

That said, it's probably likely that my DNA has already made it out into a test somewhere. I'm sure it got anonymized and sold. You give a blood sample when you enlist. You give a blood sample when you skip a few years and then reenlist. The samples get frozen and stored after getting your blood-type, or so they were. I'm guessing they either grab DNA and run it from all of them, for ID purposes in case of trouble, or that they store them for when they might need to do so.

I'm not so silly as to believe that they'd take my perfectly fine blood sample and throw it out. There wasn't much to do with it back then but they were working on it, it was 1986 when I came home. I mean, it's a perfectly good, preserved, sample and I'm betting they're not worried about room. I strongly suspect they've since run it through the machine and done what they could. I know that blood's not actually the best source of DNA but it works. I don't recall them taking any tissue samples? I wonder if they take tissue samples now? Note to self: Ask a friend. It's easy for 'em to swab a cheek.

At any rate... Anyone else think of the Dr. Demento Show? I hope I'm not the only one... I don't remember who sang it?

"I'm a Neanderthal boy, you're a Neanderthal girl,
Let's make Neanderthal love, in this Neanderthal world."

Hmm... I went and found you the song.

Where's Pope at? Heh... He'll get a kick out of that reference.

Comment Re:Why not overseas .... (Score 1) 142

Yeah... Do you watch BBC? If so, looking for the roving packs of thieves and the people sleeping rough. Or, just Google it. It's convenient to throw stones but I'd rebuttal except I don't think you'd understand. I'll try... I'll even try to be polite.

Now, see... I have been all across Europe and I enjoyed myself. But, there are homeless people everywhere. If you don't see them that's because you don't want to see them.

In 2013, 112,070 people declared themselves homeless in England. This is a 26% increase in four years. The number of people sleeping rough in London grew by 75% to a 6,437 in 2013 (Guardian, 2014).

That's just England... Go ahead and break that down per capita, will you? Let me get you the next set of numbers...


Will that work for you?

Now, let's talk about some reality, while we're here... Europe enjoys much of what it has because the US rebuilt it - post WWII. Most of those loans, except for the UK, were forgiven. The UK paid back the vast, vast majority and just finished paying it a few years ago. The infrastructure you enjoy? Yeah, the dumb-asses bombed it into rubble, again, and we rebuilt it for them - pretty much at no cost.

Then, those countries have had to pay a total of Jack and Squat for their own defense since 1945 - except for, mostly, the UK. I suspect you're not old enough to remember it but, trust me, that defense was very much needed and Europe was very much unable to provide for itself at the time. Not to mention, we really couldn't trust them to not, again, bomb themselves into rubble.

And we're okay with that. Don't get me wrong, for the most part, the average American is okay with carrying Europe's weight. Sure, some like to point to Iraq and ISIS and try to pin that on us too. Except, look in your history books. Do you know what started that? Europe's colonizations, abuses, and then - to top it all off - the League of Nations went in and drew arbitrary borders in the sand where none had existed before. No, the US was not part of the League of Nations - we declined. We told you how to resolve WWI, we told you to not go for reparations, we told you to not swing the pendulum the other way, but Europe was hell bent on it. We chose not to even consider joining (Congress would not allow it) and tried to trust Europe again.

The mess in the Middle East? Yeah... That? It comes from that whole ordeal. Those abuses they suffered at the hands of the colonization efforts? Yeah... Those - those lines? Yeah, those countries shouldn't even *be* countries. Europe happily decided to mix tribal groups and draw lines, gifting wealth and power, where they best served their political needs at the time. This crap in the Middle East is the fallout from that.

What's my point? Well, my point is - we're doing okay. We're not doing perfect, but we're doing okay. We'd be doing a damned sight better if we hadn't had to carry the weight of Europe for those many years. You can fact check every claim I made. Feel free. We don't ask for much, just a spot to bury our dead. However, a little bit of gratitude, respect, and compassion would go a long ways.

That you didn't see any homeless is telling. No, it's telling about who you are and the type of person you are. It takes maturity to admit your flaws and work on them, it takes immaturity to ignore your own and try to exaggerate the faults of another. Our largess has enabled you the lifestyle that you have - and you'll note that I didn't use "YOU" above in who was doing what, where, when, or responsible. No, you're not responsible for shit. Our protection has afforded you the very life you lead. I suspect you're too young to remember or don't know enough history but the Cold War was very real and you had assets that Stalin really wanted. There would have been fuck-all you could have done to stop him.

Alas, we'd have just had to pay to rebuild Europe's shit again. So, we ensured you could enjoy your life, that you could build up your reserves, that you could empower yourselves, and we made sure that you didn't bomb yourselves into rubble once again. And all we ask in return is a spot to bury our dead. Just a little plot of ground. Maybe, just maybe, if we'd been selfish and not protected and rebuilt your country - we'd have those nice social programs and be able to afford to do more. Maybe, just maybe, we'd not be needing to raise taxes again to build out more military to clean up after your blunders.

And I suspect your ego is going to have some trouble with the above, go read a history book. Read about the League of Nations. Read about the colonization of the Middle East and North Africa. Read about the abuses that left marks and politics where they are today. But don't come running to me, pointing and laughing, about how your so insensitive that you didn't and can't see your own problems. No, I never said my country was the greatest, nor did I say it was the best. I have now said that your country would be much worse off, and mine so much better, had we not had to carry you for 50+ years.

Feel free to reply but I don't have time nor inclination to deal with revisionist history, ignorance, or abject stupidity. So far, you've really gone out of your way to demonstrate a propensity for all of them. If you have trouble with the length, read it again. If you want to have an honest discussion, we can do that. I suspect you'll have to start by being honest with yourself.

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