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Comment Are you sure that's where the family wants it? (Score 1) 204

Putting a "gaming" PC in the living room often is not well received by the family. If you really think you can get away with it, make sure you go out of your way to make it as unobtrusive as possible; muted colors, quiet fans, minimal external cabling, etc. If you can fit it in some kind of cabinet or other structure where you can close the doors to hide it completely, that would be even better yet.

A lot of those important bits are counter to how a lot of people - and companies - like to build "gaming" PCs.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 107

OK, so you're on the "reform team" (for wtf that means) of the GOP, then, not the "Reform Party". Gotcha. I thought since you do seem to be warming towards Trump - who has previously shown admiration for the Reform Party that maybe you were heading in that direction.

All that said, you could have been slightly more respectful and just said "no, I don't care for the Reform Party". But go ahead and play the victim card instead, you play it often.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 107

More than once you have argued for the federal government to step in when you felt that state governments were doing the wrong thing.

Well, yes. That would be an example of the vertical checks and balances I was mentioning. You wouldn't want, for example, chattle slavery to return.

If you want to talk about slavery, we need to acknowledge that many of the additional "free market reforms" that your friends advocate for bring us much much closer to functional slavery than any other proposals that anyone would bring about.

Though in more immediate application, there are many times when you have called for the federal government to step in and prevent states fro making decisions that you simply don't agree with.

There are many definitions of liberty

One of the side effects of our Progressive setting of emotion over reason is imprecision of language. But that makes it easier for our liberal fascist overlords to keep the people divided and parked on the plantation.

So why is your definition inherently more accurate? Has it occurred to you that differing sets of priorities for "liberties" is not automatically a bad thing? Not everyone thinks that your notion of "freedom" - as applied to the market before the individual - is the most important.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 130

Are they selling an object like a car or a service like access to a fairground?

Even ignoring quasi-legal arguments like software licensing, I'm inclined to feel this is an example of the latter.

This is not like selling costume packs for Skyrim, where both parties were involved in a transaction presented as a purchase of an object (again, legal arguments like licensing aside - user buys a box called "Skyrim", expects that to be the end of their relationship with Bethesda and Bethesda expected that to be the end of their relationship with the user, save for bug fixes and purchases of other products or services)

This is a straightforward "You pay us $X for access to our service.

And as such, just as paying money to access to a fairground doesn't mean you can reconfigure the rollercoaster, likewise you don't get to mod a multi-user game just because you paid money for access to it.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 107

(a) The GOP has the majority, though that has amounted to roughly shag-all in the way of fiscal sanity.

Even when the GOP did not have numeric majority they were in the driver's seat as they took ownership some time ago of the meanings of "American", "patriotic", and other terms that are key to legislative agendas; they used them against the spineless democrats to silence discussion and progress on anything they disliked.

(b) Democrats have to, you know, reflect the will of the people who are going to turn out for the election. Or not.

Why only them? The GOP has happily flown the bird at the public demands on matters, telling the voters "they know what is best". Furthermore, by "the people" do you mean all of America or just the constituents the senator or representative is elected to represent?

But how do you square your argument with. . .Bernie Sanders? Is he a sideshow like Trump?

For the first question, Bernie is elected as an independent. He caucuses with the democrats to get things done but is not beholden to the party and represents ideas that are much further to the left than anything the party has dared to offer in years.

For the second question, no he is not a side show. He is a serious candidate.

Federalist is a strange choice of word from you

"Federalist" means understanding that our separation of powers, historically, meant three levels of government in addition to three branches.

That would be a great platform, if only you stuck to it consistently. More than once you have argued for the federal government to step in when you felt that state governments were doing the wrong thing.

Liberty-oriented is, however, just a weasel term in politics.

Liberty-oriented means anti-statist, anti-Progressive, and skeptical of anything the Left has to say.

So then we agree it is indeed just a partisan weasel word. There are many definitions of liberty that do not automatically mean "only what a conservative believes in (this week)".

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 107

My team (the reform team)

If by "reform team" you mean the "Reform Party", I will point out that arguably the most successful politician who called himself part of the Reform Party was Jesse "The Blowhard" Ventura. As governor of Minnesota, he primarily taught the state what they could accomplish without him. His platform mostly came down to two soundbites applied as "solutions":

Unicameral legislature

Light rail transport

Other than that, he was just another conservative governor in Minnesota's sad march towards ever-more-conservative governance (until reason took over and they elected one of very few governors who have refused to surrender to ISIS - by the way, this "godless commie sodomite" as you would say is from the same family that started Dayton's and Target).

More to the point, though, Ventura's light rail seems counter to your ambitions of "less government" (even if it was actually launched with the intention of driving the transit authority bankrupt), and eliminating half of the legislature seems like it would counter your ambitions to make sure that the US senate would always be available as a conservative counter to anything that the house aspires to.

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