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Comment Re:Poignant (Score 4, Informative) 168

Heck, I've found myself walking near people (in downtown Philadelphia) who were on their phone GIVING THEIR CREDIT CARD INFO! The first time I heard it I thought the person was just some random idiot, but I've since heard half a dozen other people doing the same thing!

Comment John Brunner + Roger Zelazny (Score 1) 1244

Two books I've loved and re-read over and over; "The Traveller in Black" by John Brunner and one mentioned by some other folks, "Jack of Shadows" by Roger Zelazny.

Comment Re:TRON is about the world inside of the computer (Score 1) 429

People should check out a series of "prequel" comics that came out a while before the movie. They go into the ISO thing in more depth, and also the turning of Tron into a bad guy. Although they really should have put this sort of stuff IN the bloody movie, rather than making us search out the stuff.

Comment Re:Late night memories of youth (Score 1) 84

That was from an album called "Snowflakes are Dancing" by Isao Tomita. It's music by Debussey performed on synthesizers ('70s vintage synthesizers). Here's a link to Amazon, where you can listen to samples from the album

Comment Re:And no one cared (Score 1) 124

I've found one thing that Bing does better than Google, image searches. I was trying to find a picture that someone in a forum had described (but couldn't find) and I tried looking for it with Google. No dice, a ton of unrelated stuff as usual. Then, just for the halibut, I tried Bing. Came up on the first page. After that I've tried it with various other image searches, and Bing always came through. For any other types of searching though, Google is usually better.

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