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Journal: Why won't some guys here RTFA?

Journal by Prodigy Savant

The most annoying thing I find here on /. is that so many peoply post without reading the original article.
It takes me anywhere from 15mins to half an hour (or sometimes more) to read the article... by the time I am back to the slashdot post, soooo many posts come up! 10s to 100s! I guess a lot of guys are not RTFA and just posting, sometimes even getting modded favorably.
Maybe there should be a half hour delay -- after someone opens up the /. post, he/she can only post after 20 mins?
Maybe even after this, some GNAA post is gonna be first... but anyhow, people will have time to read the post.
I am sure the editors here must have thought up ways to ensure higher quality posts (no, I am not saying that most comments are not high quality).

Suggestions anyone?

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