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Submission + - Cell phone records - Aaron Hernandez

Pro923 writes: Does it bother anyone that they were able to use stored data to find out exactly where AH had been BEFORE he had been accused of any crime? This tells me that your GPS coordinates are constantly being stored by the cell providers — the entire history of your whereabouts are available for any government agency to see

Submission + - Moving Windows to an SSD from a larger HDD

Pro923 writes: "I have a method that I just used to move my entire operating system (windows 7) from a 650GB HDD to a smaller 180GB SSD — it includes a small disk imaging program that I wrote for which I'm willing to give away (the source and a compiled binary). In the end, it's a nice easy and free method of performing this task without having to reinstall or even reactivate anything. I'd like to post this somewhere for people who are attempting the same task can follow my instructions. What's the best way for me to document this online so that people can access it?"

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".