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Comment: Re:Screenshots (Score 1) 321

by PrimaryConsult (#48907217) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

That's what the quick launch bars are/were for, if you make it small enough it's just another menu. I dunno if it's in Windows 8 because I got so frustrated with the start screen's jarring appearance that I just put shortcuts to everything I run on the desktop, removed the start button and trained myself to never hit the windows key unless I'm using it in a key combination. Even though I eventually installed classic shell, my workflow had been destroyed enough by that nonsense that I haven't bothered to set the rest of that up yet. Thanks Microsoft for sending me almost all the way back to windows 3.1, at least Windows+D is a bit easier than alt+tabbing to program manager...

Comment: Re:Oh no... (Score 1) 144

Windows 8 would have been the year of Linux on the desktop, if the Gnome project hadn't decided to radically change their UI at the same time. It would have been easy to get people to switch to Gnome 2. But by inspiring every distro to jump ship for something else, at the crucial time when we really could have convinced people to switch, there was nothing fitting the (worthwhile+easy to use) categories to recommend.

We really were that close. I don't see us ever getting back to that, at this point. At least, I see Microsoft getting their act together again long before.

Comment: Re:Size (Score 1) 323

by PrimaryConsult (#48881437) Attached to: What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

Agreed, however people generally don't go around doing that even in the absence of such a law / enforcement. Having a simple law against unprovoked attacks would work fine, and allow juries to determine what constitutes a provocation in the event it goes that far. I mentioned the whole "ask people to stop first" as well. The solution to assholes has been around since the dawn of man, if Ugg keeps putting out the fire when everyone else is cold, Ugg will get clubbed over the head and left outside.

Comment: Re:But Java... (Score 1) 79

by PrimaryConsult (#48877735) Attached to: Oracle Releases Massive Security Update

in fact Linux typically requires all software to be installed as root no matter what

Technically yes, running "make install", using a package manager or installing an rpm/deb almost certainly requires root/sudo. However, there is nothing stopping you from keeping it all within your home directory (provided the /home filesystem has space and isn't set to noexec), many cases only requiring a wrapper script to modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH. A good example of a complex program which works this way would be apache directory studio, you just untar and launch the executable.

Comment: Re:Size (Score 1) 323

by PrimaryConsult (#48876083) Attached to: What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

It's a whole lot simpler when you can simply punch out an asshole for being an asshole, and the 'criteria' is that the popular opinion of those observing the situation is that the punch was justified. Simple social ettiquete, if someone has an issue with your use of glass you can put it away or explain calmly, and if they have that much of a problem with it concede for the purpose of keeping the peace. I encounter this a lot with just a camera since I like taking pictures of not-people (buildings, infrastructure, indoor spaces). But of course, our society is now "wah wah I was being an asshole and can you believe he PUNCHED me and now I have a new house and car and he lives in a box!" and since the simple approach is illegal, we pile on asshole laws.

Comment: Re:BASIC because the B stands for... (Score 2) 641

by PrimaryConsult (#48856641) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming

Actually no, excellent advice but for too old a user. At age 10 I started hacking away on a hand me down commodore vic 20 while everyone else was enjoying Windows. The stuff I discovered with a few reference manuals, sample programs on tapes, and the goal of building programs with menu driven interfaces...

Comment: Re:When I see that [literaly] textbook mistake.... (Score 1) 329

by PrimaryConsult (#48835789) Attached to: Steam For Linux Bug Wipes Out All of a User's Files

Isn't selinux's whole purpose is to solve this exact problem?

Any yet I get a lot of flak whenever I try to even enable it in "permissive" mode (as opposed to outright disabled) so I can at least audit when applications are trying to do things to files they shouldn't...

Comment: Re:fittingly ignorant (Score 1) 890

by PrimaryConsult (#48835711) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

The problem is, when you trigger a strong emotional reaction, laws don't matter. If you piss someone off enough, they just want to hurt you and aren't thinking of the consequences. Or worse, if it is premeditated (like this obviously was) the thoughts on consequences become "no matter what happens to me, you'll still be dead". So unless you're prepared to deal with a worst case reaction, it's better to avoid conflict. Common sense with anything really, just because you're in the right doesn't mean you'll come out the victor.

Comment: Re:What has happened to Linux? (Score 1) 552

by PrimaryConsult (#48816629) Attached to: SystemD Gains New Networking Features

That's what sssd is for (I believe in authconfig it's the checkbox that has the word "caching" in it). And most machines with wireless are laptops which generally will need to have the wifi configured every time you go somewhere new... which of course needs to be done after logging in anyway, so you'll want the caching.

Don't get me wrong I love WPA supplicant but sometimes I just want to get on the damn wifi and not have to play around on the command line for 5 minutes every time I am at a new hotel, train station, airport or coffee shop.

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